Archive | November 11, 2016

CEP Digital Media Festival – next Thursday!

There’s not long to go now, the CEP Digital Media Festival is on next week. Make sure you’ve bought your tickets, which are on sale at the silver seats of a morning before school. Have a look at the wonderful film Freckle Goes To School by Mala, Nyah, Mala and Lucy, our 2nd place winners and Classroom by Sam, Noah and Jarvis, which came 3rd. We can’t wait for the premiere of MC next week.

Thinkfest – almost there!

It has been a very busy/crazy/hectic/fun few weeks preparing for this year’s Thinkfest. We will head off on Wednesday to perform, so please ensure students have brought in their permission notes and payment. I’m so proud of the wonderful efforts everyone has made. You can see from the photos below just how much hard work goes into getting this all organised. Well done, OC!