ICAS Spelling & Writing

Well done to everyone who took part in this year’s ICAS Spelling and Writing competitions. Students were eager to receive their results at today’s assembly and should be very proud of their efforts. 

Spelling Achievements 

Participation – Noah (top 50%), Blade, S Willson, Eliza, Eleanor, Sachin and Sia. 

Merits – Ty (top 45%) and Oscar (topc45%)

Credits – Elsie (top 36%), Pat (top  33%), Chloe (top 26%), Duncan (top 12%) and Celeste (top 5%)

Distinctions – Freya (top 11%) and Elijah (top 11%) 


Writing Achievements

Participation – Ty, Duncan, Griffin, Blade, Elsie and Vincent (top 48%) 

Merits – Sia (top 37%), Freya (top 37%), Sachin (top 37%) and Eliza (top 43%)

Credits – Eleanor (top 23%), Noah (top 15%) and Ember (top 23%)

Distinctions – Oscar (top 9%) and Chloe (top 5%)

High Distinctions – Celeste (top 1%) and S Willson (top 1%)

Congratulations everyone!


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