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Fair-tastic Friday!

What a fun and successful Year 5/6 Fair we had yesterday! It was a great way to finish the term – lots of amazing stalls were run by our students including karaoke/disco, pizza, lucky dips, gladiators, water fun, ice creams, cakes, art & craft, popcorn and many more. I was so proud of our student’s enthusiasm and the effort they put in to running their stalls and seeing so many smiles on the younger students faces. Thank you to everyone for their incredible support and generosity towards this event. We couldn’t have done it without you! Have a lovely and relaxing holiday and enjoy the photos below.

Stage 3 Voting

This term Stage 3 have been learning all about Government in preparation for our Canberra excursion next term. To finish off our unit we held a Stage 3 vote in the Upper Hall with polling booths and a custom made THPS electoral roll. A big thank you to Mrs Bowman for organising this activity. Check out the photos below!

Write On 2016

Well done to everyone who completed a piece of writing for the Board of Studies Write On competition this term. Write On is an annual writing competition open to all primary students in Years 1 to 6. Using a photograph as a stimulus, students are asked to compose an imaginative piece of writing up to 500 words in length. We then had a ‘blind’ sharing session where volunteer readers anonymously read each others work. Congratulations to Layla, whose story The City was voted as the best from our class to represent Stage 3 in this competition. Have a read of our stories below.


Layla – The City     Blade- The Timber and Joinery Factory      Chloe – A Better Life   Elijah – The Plane

Elsie – Liar Liar    Ember – Lost Not Found   Liana – The Golden Charm   Mila – Twice Upon a Time

Sachin – The Effects of War   Sam Walsh – The Orphanage   Sia – The Stick    Sophia – Orphans

Art Cave

Have a look at the terrific effort our students have made in Art Cave this term. Students have been doing ceramics and created some Olympic busts. Well done! As always, thanks to the amazing Jane for her time, creativity and initiative in running the Art Cave.

Y5/6 Fair is almost here!


Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Throughout the week we have received lots of donations for our Fair. Thank you to the parents and students who have let me know that they’re bringing in perishable items on the day (cheese, ham, ice cream). With this in mind, it looks as though we will have everything we need so thank you so much for your generosity towards this event. Looking forward to a fantastic day!

Hall of Fame – Quality

Congratulations to Layla who was inducted into our Hall of Fame on Monday for Quality for earning 5 Mastery ribbons this term. Thanks to everyone who attended this assembly and well done to our band and choirs for their terrific performances. Click on the video below to see our senior choir perform Brave.


ICAS Spelling & Writing

Well done to everyone who took part in this year’s ICAS Spelling and Writing competitions. Students were eager to receive their results at today’s assembly and should be very proud of their efforts. 

Spelling Achievements 

Participation – Noah (top 50%), Blade, S Willson, Eliza, Eleanor, Sachin and Sia. 

Merits – Ty (top 45%) and Oscar (topc45%)

Credits – Elsie (top 36%), Pat (top  33%), Chloe (top 26%), Duncan (top 12%) and Celeste (top 5%)

Distinctions – Freya (top 11%) and Elijah (top 11%) 


Writing Achievements

Participation – Ty, Duncan, Griffin, Blade, Elsie and Vincent (top 48%) 

Merits – Sia (top 37%), Freya (top 37%), Sachin (top 37%) and Eliza (top 43%)

Credits – Eleanor (top 23%), Noah (top 15%) and Ember (top 23%)

Distinctions – Oscar (top 9%) and Chloe (top 5%)

High Distinctions – Celeste (top 1%) and S Willson (top 1%)

Congratulations everyone!


Science & Engineering Day!

This week the OC attended the Science & Engineering Challenge at St Therese’s School in New Lambton. We took part in a variety of team challenges including bridge building, creating a mini catapult, making an electricity network, building an earthquake stable tower and designing a chair for pets. We had a wonderful day and were very pleased to finish 3rd. Well done, everyone!