ICAS Digital Technologies

Well done to all of our students who took part in the ICAS Digital Technologies competition last term. Students received their certificates yesterday at our weekly assembly and we had some excellent results. 

Great work to Sia (top 48%), Freya, Eleanor and Ty who received Participation certificates. Well done to Sachin (top 39%) and Duncan (top 39%) who achieved Merits. Eliza (top 32%), S Willson (top 18%), Elsie (top 30%) and Oscar (top 24%) earned themselves Credits. Congratulations to Celeste (top 8%) and Blade (top 8%) who achieved Distinctions. Lastly, a huge well done to S Walsh and Noah who achieved High Distinctions for placing in the top 1% of all participants. That’s amazing!


3 thoughts on “ICAS Digital Technologies

  1. Well done everyone! I cannot believe I got a distinction on a test that I totally flunked last year!Did you guys hear me go ” What!” when Ms A said I got a distinction.The bottom of my mouth practically came off from gawking!

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