Persuasive Infomercials

Last term students worked in groups to create and film a persuasive infomercial for an imaginative product of their choice. Have a look at their wonderful work below!

I hope everyone has had an enjoyable holiday – students return to school on Tuesday.

5 thoughts on “Persuasive Infomercials

  1. Hey guys! Maya, my cousin has turned six recently!!! I didn’t get her a snuggle buddy like I was going to in the infomercial but I gave her a toy panda that apparently came from ‘ fairyland’ and a letter from the hypothetical ‘Queen of fairyland’. I even put a watermark on it! So what are you guys up too, flying, teleporting?
    Happy holidays for what they remain.

  2. celeste that is u i think cause u said like i was going to in the infomercial sorry if its not its just a guess.

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