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Mystery Bag Challenge

This week we were treated to a terrific taster lesson from the staff and students from Callaghan College Waratah Technology Campus. Our class took part in a STEM Challenge which involved designing and making a structure to launch a pom pom using only the materials provided in a mystery bag. We had a great time and there were lots of creative and clever designs. Well done to everyone for the enthusiasm, great team work and effort.

Term 3 Events

With Term 3 well and truly underway, below is an overview of some of the opportunities and learning programs students will be involved in throughout the term. Remember to visit the OC Events page as I will be updating it regularly throughout the term when dates and information become available.

This term we are very lucky to have Flossy Hamiltons from UoN completing her internship in our class. Miss Hamiltons has already begun working with students, teaching a variety of lessons and is doing a great job getting involved in OC life. 

Education Week – Grandparent’s Day

Next week is Education Week and we will be celebrating on Wednesday 3rd August between 11:40am-1.55pm. We’d love you to come along as our Y5/6 students will be leading STEM activities in our K-4 classes throughout the middle session. We are also having a shared lunch from 1pm – remember to order your sausage sizzle! 


Homework for students began this week (Week 2). Included in our homework menu this term, students will have the option to work on past papers for the Newcastle Permanent maths competition which is coming up in a few weeks. This term’s speaking and listening task has also been sent home and is due in Week 6.

Class Needs

It’s that time of year when many students need to replenish materials and equipment. Please encourage your child to bring the required equipment each day, in particular – glue stick, USB, headphones, BYOD and pens. We are also running low on tissues.

Mastery Core Value

This term we are focusing on the core value of quality. Students who achieve 5 mastery ribbons will be inducted into our Hall of Fame during our special assembly in Week 10.


This term students will be studying the class novel Animal Farm by George Orwelll which ties in well with our History topic of Government. Students will also be learning about the concepts of allegory and satire. 



This term our major focus is on informative texts. Students will be learning about a variety of devices used to create effective informative texts.

Students are currently working on an imaginative piece of writing for this year’s Board of Studies Write On competition. Our best entry will be submitted to represent our school for Stage 3.


During our maths sessions, students will work in groups, covering a different strand each week. The maths content we will be covering this term includes: Fractions & Decimals, Volume & Capacity, Mass, Patterns & Algebra, Chance, Length, Area and Data. Students will continue their participation the in annual Maths Olympiad and Maths Games– 3 to go! So far, students have been doing a terrific job solving these challenging problems. Students also have the opportunity to access past Olympiad papers as part of the homework options.

The ICAS Maths competition is coming up in Week 5 and the Australian Maths competition this week for students who have paid. All students in Year 5 and 6 will take part in the Newcastle Permanent Maths competition in Week 6.

Premier’s Reading Challenge

Well done to the students who are taking part in this year’s challenge and who have been entering their books online. There’s not long to go – all reading logs need to be completed by 19/8/16 (end of Week 5) for validation. Keep reading!!

Premier’s Spelling Bee

One of my favourite events – the Premier’s Spelling Bee – will be taking place this term in Week 5. Information will be sent home soon for students who wish to participate. Parents and carers will also have the opportunity to come and watch the Spelling Bee.

Parent/Teacher Interviews

At the end of this term we will again hold parent/teacher interviews to discuss student progress and development. These interviews will also allow the opportunity to review student’s Individual Educational Plans (IEP). The online booking system will again be used and information regarding this will be sent home in a few weeks.


Our first excursion is next week – Thursday 4th August, where we will be heading out to Cameron Park Raceway to participate in the Mini EV Solar Cart practice day event in preparation for Race Day on Saturday 13th August. 

We are also participating in Life Education on Thursday 11th August. The cost of this excursion is $10 and notes have been sent home. 

The OC will also be taking part in the Science and Engineering Discovery Day in Week 8. Permission notes will be sent home later this term.

Our top 5 Chess players (Connor, Akira, Jamie, Noah and Oscar) have been invited to compete in the semi-finals at Coal Point PS in Week 4. Good luck!

Our excursion to Aladdin the Musical will take place in Week 9 on Wednesday 14th September for those students who booked a seat. 


This term students will take part in the unit Australian as a Nation: Federal Government.  Students will have the opportunity to learn about federation, types of government, voting, women’s suffrage and indigenous culture. This also ties in with our Canberra excursion taking place early Term 4. 

Techno Buddies

Last term our class worked with 1E for the Writing Buddies program. This term we will be focusing on technology where students will have the opportunity to share their technological skills with our younger students and create and use projects using our class iPads, devices and computers.

CEP Outdoor Festival

Our school will be taking part in the Callaghan Education Pathways (CEP) Outdoor Media Festival in Term 4. This event was very successful last year with many schools in our cluster participating. Part of the festival involves a short film screening and the OC have the task of making a film for our school. We will begin working on our filming project this term. Information about the CEP Outdoor Festival will be sent out towards the end of this term.


This term has already been quite busy with lots of events taking place. 

Many of the students in the OC are part of our Cluster Choir and have been busy rehearsing for their event later this term. 

We are also organising a whole school Mini-Olympics event in Week 6 this term which is going to be lots of fun. More information regarding that will be sent home in the coming weeks. 

There are a variety of sporting events including Zone Athletics, T20 Cricket and a Touch Footy Gala day coming up this term for students to participate in. 

Book Week will take place in Week 8 this term with our annual parade on Tuesday 6th September. This year’s theme is about Australian Stories and I encourage all students to get involved and dress up.

Year 6 have the opportunity to take part in the Interrelate: Moving Into the Teen Years program this term. Notes will be sent home next week. 

In Week 10 this term, students will be organising our Year 5/6 Fair which is a fun celebration day for all students and our major fundraising initiative for our Year 6 Farewell and school gift.

Finally, congratulations to all the students who have had a wonderful start to the term. There’s lots of things going on each and everyday and it’s so great to see the effort and initiative individual students show, getting involved in a number of different aspects of school life.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding OC learning programs or events.

ICAS Digital Technologies

Well done to all of our students who took part in the ICAS Digital Technologies competition last term. Students received their certificates yesterday at our weekly assembly and we had some excellent results. 

Great work to Sia (top 48%), Freya, Eleanor and Ty who received Participation certificates. Well done to Sachin (top 39%) and Duncan (top 39%) who achieved Merits. Eliza (top 32%), S Willson (top 18%), Elsie (top 30%) and Oscar (top 24%) earned themselves Credits. Congratulations to Celeste (top 8%) and Blade (top 8%) who achieved Distinctions. Lastly, a huge well done to S Walsh and Noah who achieved High Distinctions for placing in the top 1% of all participants. That’s amazing!


Solar Cart Race Day

Throughout last term the OC have been busy designing and constructing solar carts for this year’s Mini Electric Vehicle Festival coming up in a few weeks. This event is held on Saturday 13th August from 9am-5pm at Newcastle Cart Racing Club, Cameron Park. An agenda of the day is below, with our Mini EV pursuit race taking place between 1.30pm-2.30pm. A link to the official website is below, where you will find more information about the event and competition. If you have any questions, please let me know. Students will also be bringing home an information sheet today. There will also be a practice race day on Thursday 4th August and I will send home a permission note for that next week. Looking forward to seeing everyone on race day!

solar cart race agenda