Newcastle Permanent Maths competition

Each year our school enters this great competition, open to yr 5 and 6 students. This year there were over 18,000 entrants from the region and many of our students achieved amazing results!

Achieving a merit certificate (placing in the top 45%), well done to Max, Nelson, Gill, Zane, Jacob, Elijah, Calvin, Freya and Jarvis.

Achieving a distinction (placing in the top 15% of participants), well done to Louis, Joseph, Adrian, Cala, Mikayla, Sarah, Sam, Vincent, Sachin, Sia and Patrick.

We had 4 students achieve a High Distinction for placing in the top 100. Congratulations to Joe (58th), Lachlan (49th), Dan (33rd) and a special mention to Jack who placed 5th and was also awarded a district prize. Congratulations!




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