Chill Zone

Yesterday was the grand opening of the Chill Zone – a passive play area in the weather shed for senior students to relax and enjoy during break times. This project was created by Joseph who collaborated with his peers to come up with designs and ideas for the space. Joseph presented his project to Mr Selwood and the P&C who were thrilled to endorse it. A big thank you to the P&C who also provided generous funding for the project. Joseph also approached local businesses for support – thank you to Bunnings, Paint Inspirations and Masters for their donation of materials. A huge thank you to local artist Leslie Duffin who helped with mural designs and donated her time to help students with the painting. Special thanks to Fiona, Max and Mel who have also worked tirelessly bringing the Chill Zone to fruition – the hours spent after school and on weekends painting, planning and creating have been incredible. Have a look at the photos below or stop in for a visit (thanks Miss Drew for the photos!).

2 thoughts on “Chill Zone

  1. I love it! People having ideas and making them happen.
    Gill tells me it’s already a very popular spot, and so, not very chill! Well done all.

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