Touchdown Writing

Well done to everyone who completed and submitted a piece of writing for the School Magazine My Word competition at the end of last term.

The competition involved writing a short opening to a story using 10 words of the month: chaotic, dilapidated, judder, luminous, peremptory, scapegoat, speculation, tantalising, thwart and vermilion. In addition, the story had to begin with the sentence: If he thinks I’m going into that old house, he’s got rocks in his head!

After we looked up the definitions for these challenging words, students began the task of writing their creative story introduction. Have a look at their wonderful efforts below. The winners will be published in next month’s edition of Touchdown.

Adrian       Cai     Cala    Calvin    Dan    Elijah    Elsie    Freya   Jack    Jarvis   Joe    Joseph   Lachlan   Louis    Lucas   Max

Mikayla   Nelson   Patrick  Sachin   Sam   Sarah    Sophia   Vincent


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