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public-speaking-195x300Well done to all of our students who presented a speech last week on a person or event that changed the world. It was great to see a wide variety of topics, from chocolate to Charles Darwin, vaccination to touch screens and dinosaur destruction! The content, multimedia presentations and speaking skills were fantastic! Public speaking is tricky – so well done to everyone for conquering their nerves and having a go!

Our Stage 2 and 3 Speak Off takes place tomorrow morning beginning at 9.20am in the upper hall. Congratulations to Vincent, Sia, Sarah and Dan who were voted as the best speakers to represent our class in tomorrow’s competition. Family and friends are invited to come and watch. Looking forward to a great morning of speeches!


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  1. So sorry I will be at work and unable to check out your Speak Off.-So many varied and interesting topics! Well done OC.

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