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Disco Fever!

What a great night! Well done to everyone who attended our disco this evening. It was great to see so many fabulous outfits including Madonna, Kanye West, KISS, Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson and even Nicki Minaj! Thanks to everyone who made a super effort and enjoyed themselves. Check out the photos below!

Your Tomorrow

Ever wondered what tomorrow has in store for you? Click on the link to visit the My Big Tomorrow website, shared with us thanks to Karen (Louis’ mum) from the University of Newcastle.

big tomorrow

The Centre of Excellence for Equity in Higher Education at the University of Newcastle is excited to introduce My Big Tomorrow – a website that profiles over 90 different career choices to encourage kids to dream big about their future and the steps they can take to get there.

The initiative, which is funded by the Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program (HEPPP), is a career resource for teenagers to raise awareness of the endless possibilities of what lies beyond school and to show the link between what they are learning in school with real life careers.

Students begin by searching hobbies and interests (working outdoors, or, mathematics for example), or they can view random careers (arborist, or sport scientist, for example). They are met with a career profile beginning with a short video starring an industry professional, while a short bio, the good and the bad of that career and the salary expectations follow.

Each career profile also includes pathways to show students the way to get to their dream career. Users are shown subjects they could choose for their Higher School Certificate to position them for the career of their choice, as well as the tertiary pathway they could follow – whether it be a university undergraduate degree or a TAFE qualification.

Students can also benefit from education modules listed on each page, themed to each career and designed to get them thinking about the connection between their big tomorrow and their current studies, particularly in the fields of literacy and numeracy.

Thank you Karen for sharing this great resource.


Disco Time!

Just a reminder that our SRC disco is on tomorrow night! If you haven’t bought your ticket yet, it’s not too late, we’ll be selling them in the morning before school at the silver seats. Thanks to Joe and Dan who have been doing a wonderful job organising this each day. Below are some great disco posters made by the very creative Mrs Bowman (and photoshop). Can you recognise your favourite teachers?


Kerrie Gaga Disco Poster

saturday-night junon-poster2

Athletics Carnival

Well done to everyone who took part in yesterday’s Athletics Carnival. It was a relief to have the rain and miserable grey sky finally clear and the day’s events begin with the march past followed by age races. Congratulations to the students who earned themselves a place ribbon, but also to everyone who tried their best and showed great sportsmanship. Have a look at all the photos below! Thanks to Mr Slade for his great organisation. He will be letting students know about Zone in the coming weeks.

Speak Off

Well done to our students who took part in the Speak Off today. Congratulations to Jonte who placed 1st and Vincent who place 2nd. It was a very close competition with all speakers doing a marvellous job. Thank you to all the families and friends who came along to watch. In case you couldn’t make it, videos of the OC speakers are attached below.


Speak Off

public-speaking-195x300Well done to all of our students who presented a speech last week on a person or event that changed the world. It was great to see a wide variety of topics, from chocolate to Charles Darwin, vaccination to touch screens and dinosaur destruction! The content, multimedia presentations and speaking skills were fantastic! Public speaking is tricky – so well done to everyone for conquering their nerves and having a go!

Our Stage 2 and 3 Speak Off takes place tomorrow morning beginning at 9.20am in the upper hall. Congratulations to Vincent, Sia, Sarah and Dan who were voted as the best speakers to represent our class in tomorrow’s competition. Family and friends are invited to come and watch. Looking forward to a great morning of speeches!