Archive | December 5, 2014

Ready to Rock!

Move over 5SOS, there’s a new Australian rock band in town!!! Joseph, Max, Liam and Adrian have been busily rehearsing each week, with the help of Jeremy from Newcastle Music Academy, in preparation for our Hall of Fame assembly in Week 11. The boys will be performing 2 songs, so make sure you come along on Monday 15th Dec at 2pm for our outdoor assembly. Check out the boys in action in the photos below…

Reading Extravaganza!

Yesterday our class was joined by students from Islington Public School and students from the University of Newcastle to take part in the Aim High Careers Through Reading program.

Students participated in a variety of reading activities using different texts and enjoyed working with the students from Islington. A huge thank you to Matt Lumb and the students from the Uni for their enthusiasm, time and organisation of this fantastic opportunity. Thank you for the lovely book gift – Hope – which all students received a copy to take home.