Today our Stage 3 girls had a special visit from engineering students from the University of Newcastle as part of the Robogals program. We had a great time learning about different types of engineering and programming robots to perform a variety of tasks. This fantastic opportunity is aimed at promoting female participation in engineering as currently only 10% of engineers are women. Go girls!


Thanks to the wonderful uni students who joined us today.

2 thoughts on “Robogals

  1. I know this has nothing to do with RooboGals but when i typed this you hadn’t put a post about the digital media festival so… My mummy would like a copy the film we made.

  2. Hi Ms Armstrong, Ms Bowman & stars of “Nightmare on Elizabeth Street”. Congratulations on a sterling premier. What a brilliant movie full of suspense and drama. Well shot, and well directed, great story line, and excellent acting.
    Ms Armstrong you should definitely consider a moonlighting career in film making! Looking forward to the sequal!

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