The Fate of the Fete Without Its Cakes

Watch the video below to discover the fate of the fete without its cakes!

We need your help! If you can volunteer time or donate some cakes, please see Karen Eastwood, Mel Hamwood or Monique Cooper. The fate of the fete is at stake!

4 thoughts on “The Fate of the Fete Without Its Cakes

  1. Thanks for posting this Miss Armstrong!
    Monique Cooper (while an awesome actress who will appear in our upcoming short film…) is not actually one of the cake stall co-ordinators so don’t talk to her about cakes folks! But if you want to talk Trash and Treasure-she’s your girl!

    Thanks to all the parents who have already volunteered to help run the stall on the day. We only need people to help for short stints so don’t feel afraind you’ll be there the whole time.
    Also start thinking about what treats you’d like to whip up for the stall and keep us posted!

    Karen Eastwood

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