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CEP Digital Media Festival

The CEP Digital Media Festival is on next Thursday at 5.30pm at Callaghan Wallsend Campus. The festival features short films from all CEP schools, choir performances, rock bands, sausage sizzle and much more! If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, they’re on sale every morning before school at the silver seats.

Below is a trailer made by Adrian, Louis, Dan and Liam for the OC’s short film – A Nightmare on Elizabeth Street.

Digital Media Flyer Final

P&C Fete!

The P&C Halloween Fete is on this Friday beginning at 3pm! Make sure you’ve bought a wristband for the rides – $15 each – on sale each morning under the bell. Thanks to everyone who has already let us know they will be bringing in donations for our cake stall or donating their time to sell cakes on the day. Some things to look forward to – Mr Junon in the dunking machine! And don’t forget the live auction at 5.45pm where you can bid to have Mrs Bowman and myself take 6 kids to lunch/movies.


Australian Maths Competition

Congratulations to our Year 5 and 6 students who took part in the AMC earlier this year. Students were recognised for their achievements at today’s assembly.

Well done to Max, Rory, Liam and Adrian for achieving Proficiency; Sarah (top 24%), Jack (top 20%), Eva (top 20%), Dayna (top 50%) and Zane (top 22%) who achieved Credits; and Dan (top 8%) and Lachlan (top 4%) who excelled, both achieving a Distinction. Great work, everyone!


Living in a Treehouse

writingBelow are some writing samples from 2 competitions students took part in earlier this term and at the end of last term.

The first is from the Andy Griffiths writing competition which closed a couple of weeks ago. Students had to write a short story based on the theme ‘living in a treehouse’.

Adrian – Treehouse          Joseph – Treehouse         Dan – Treehouse           Sarah – Treehouse          Louis – Treehouse             Rory – Treehouse           Heidi – Treehouse

At the end of last term we entered the Write4Fun competition. The winners were announced today on their website and although we didn’t have any finalists, our school received a letter and certificate to inform us we had 10 students in total make it past the first judging stage and that overall our school was in the top 2% for outstanding achievement.

Adrian W4F        Cogs by Louis       Dayna W4F       Eva – Stone Heart       Heidi – W4F        Lucas- The Attack        Pain – Rory

Sarah – The Sixth Sense      The Story by Dan       images


Calling all bakers!

The talented mums of 5/6A have made another hilarious short film to inspire you to get baking and volunteer for the cake stall at the fete. If you would like to help out, please see Karen Eastwood or Mel Hamwood.

Great work, ladies!!

ICAS Maths

Congratulations to our students for their excellent achievements in this year’s ICAS Maths competition.

Participation ceritificates for Liam and Joseph; Credits for Zane (top 14%), Adrian (top 32%), Dayna (top 29%), Sarah (top 14%), Eva (top 12%); and Distinctions for Jack (top 8%), Dan (top 3%) and Lachlan (top 2% and Principal’s Award recipient).

Great work everyone!


The Fate of the Fete Without Its Cakes

Watch the video below to discover the fate of the fete without its cakes!

We need your help! If you can volunteer time or donate some cakes, please see Karen Eastwood, Mel Hamwood or Monique Cooper. The fate of the fete is at stake!