Archive | August 25, 2014

Water Wise!

During the past fortnight, students in the OC have been working on storyboards and scripts for the Hunter Water – Water Catchers competition. The competition is all about raising awareness of being water wise and the best entry will receive $10 000 for an environmental project at their school and have their script turned into a short film. Well done to our students who completed an entry and fingers crossed!


ICAS Writing

Today we recognised the achievements of our students who participated in the 2014 ICAS Writing competition. The UNSW competitions are always set at a high standard so it was great to see students achieve such terrific results. Congratulations to Dayna and Lachlan who received a participation certificate, Rory (top 23%), Heidi (top 32%) and Max (top 23%) who received a credit and Sarah (top 11%), Dan (top 7%) and Eva (top 5%) who received a distinction. Well done to Eva who also received the Principal’s award for her outstanding result.