Archive | August 5, 2014

Marvellous Maths!

Yesterday our class had a visit from our Mathematicians in Schools parnter, Dr Jarad Martin, who presented a session about order in numbers. Students had a great discussion about different types of numbers including prime numbers, natural numbers, integers, complex numbers and rational numbers. They also learnt about an amazing mathematician, Terry Tao and the Green – Tao theorem. Thanks so much to Dr Jarad for sharing his time and expertise with our class. We look forward to seeing him next term.


Let the Sun Shine!

Thanks to the beautiful sunny weather today, the OC were finally able to compete in their solar cart race challenge. A big thank you to Dr Graeme Puxty, our Scientists in Schools partner, who helped students construct their carts at the end of last term and joined us today for our official midday race. Students also had a great time customising their vehicles in the lead up to the race, using lots of striking designs and a fair bit of glitter! Well done to Max, Adrian, Oliver and Zane who had the fastest cart during today’s race. Thanks again to Dr Graeme for providing some terrific prizes – CSIRO Rubik’s cubes! We look forward to our next class visit in Term 4.