Crocodile vs Hippo

This week in Writing Buddies, our groups embarked on an adventure to discover who would win between a crocodile and hippopotamus. A tough question to be answered. Read on to see some responses, persuasive and imaginative, from our groups.


Jasmine, Lupin, Mika, Mia and Rowan

I walked across the hot earth of Africa hoping to find a source of water. After miles of walking I finally found a waterhole and tIMG_3267bbbbook a sip. Suddenly I saw something rustle in the bushes. I stated running but before I could, something sharp bit me in the leg! I turned around and realised it was nasty old Mr Croc! My worst enemy! So I bit his leg but then he whacked me in the face with his long tail. “My eyes,” I screeched loudly. He sat on me… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7! Knock out!


Dan, Harper and Mia –

I head into the murky African river, keeping my nose and eyes just above the water to breathe and see. My mottled brown and orange smooth, slimy skin shimmering in the sun. A scaly crocodile enters from the opposite bank, creating ripples in the water. I slowly swim over, careful not to disturb the muddy, still water. The crocodile comes closer, aware of my presence. I open my jaws slowly, revealing the yellow, dirty, blood-stained teeth. IMG_3268

The crocodile does the same, showing rows of Colgate-white teeth. I reveal my mouth above the water, making sure he can see the impending, inevitable doom ahead of him; it’s a threatening display. The reptile continues to head towards me…

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