Drop. Wind. Keep.


Last week, our students completed and submitted a short story for the Sydney Youth Writing Competition. Part of the competition involved including one of the signature words – drop, wind or keep.

Click on the links below to read the wonderfully creative stories our students have written. Winners will be announced later in the year, so good luck OC!


Adrian – Attacked       Dan – The Beast          Demaris – The Escape

Eva – Unfinished Business       Heidi – The Cacklers     Joe – Lepus Island

Jasmine – Charlie and Emma     Lachlan – The Marvellous Creation

Jack – Pink Fluffy Pants     Liam – What Goes Bang in the Night?

Louis – Trance    Max – Abandoned       Nelson – The Unknown Island

Noah – The Beast         Dan – Loslie’s Challenge     Rory – The Red King

Oliver – Inserum Simulacrum     Sarah – Magnitude

Well done to everyone who wrote a short story in time for submission. I’m so proud of you!


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