Archive | June 2, 2014

World Environment Day

This Friday is World Environment Day and our P&C have organised a variety of activities to support and celebrate this event.

On Friday, students may come dressed in green and are asked to pack ‘nude’ foods (unpackaged – in take home containers, no plastic wrap).

There will be compost buckets for each class to collect their food scraps from the day and weigh to see how much rubbish will be saved going to the tip.

At lunchtime there will be art activities taking place in the playground involving yarn and chalk. If you have spare wool at home you can donate this to the office anytime until Thursday.

Looking forward to a great day!


OC Book Review

Gone, by Michael Grant is a bestselling book series, centred around a seaside town in California, when all adults disappear, vanish into thin air. In place of them, a IMG_3235strange, forcefield line barrier cuts them off from the outside world and the rest of civilisation. The children vanish like the adults when they turn 15. In a desperate search of survival, the kids have to live in constant terror. When some kids start to mutate, they know they are in trouble. A gripping and thrilling read, Gone is for mature readers looking for a new series to get hooked on!

By Rory