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Solar Powered Science!

Today we had a visit from our Scientist in Schools partner, Dr Graeme Puxty, who helped us make some awesome solar powered carts. Students enjoyed the challenge of working in teams to construct their carts and also began creatively ‘customising’ their vehicles with some unique designs and a variety of materials. A big thank you to Graeme for sharing his time and expertise with our class today. We look forward to seeing him first day back next term for a sunny midday race!

Welcome Miss Muddle

I would like to welcome Miss Jodie Muddle to the OC. Jodie, who is from the University of Newcastle, is doing a 4 week practicum with our class for the remainder of this term and the first 2 weeks next term. She has already begun working with our wonderful students are preparing some great lessons. I know this will be a terrific experience for her and the students!


TV Stars!

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Last week our episodes of It’s Academic were broadcast on national TV. Well done to our 2013 OC students who took part. Below you can view our episodes and I will also have DVD copies available for students to take home next week. Enjoy!

Please note: all videos posted on this blog are uploaded onto Ms Armstrong’s YouTube Channel, which is used for educational purposes only. The videos are not listed to the public and can only be viewed via this link.

Crocodile vs Hippo

This week in Writing Buddies, our groups embarked on an adventure to discover who would win between a crocodile and hippopotamus. A tough question to be answered. Read on to see some responses, persuasive and imaginative, from our groups.


Jasmine, Lupin, Mika, Mia and Rowan

I walked across the hot earth of Africa hoping to find a source of water. After miles of walking I finally found a waterhole and tIMG_3267bbbbook a sip. Suddenly I saw something rustle in the bushes. I stated running but before I could, something sharp bit me in the leg! I turned around and realised it was nasty old Mr Croc! My worst enemy! So I bit his leg but then he whacked me in the face with his long tail. “My eyes,” I screeched loudly. He sat on me… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7! Knock out!


Dan, Harper and Mia –

I head into the murky African river, keeping my nose and eyes just above the water to breathe and see. My mottled brown and orange smooth, slimy skin shimmering in the sun. A scaly crocodile enters from the opposite bank, creating ripples in the water. I slowly swim over, careful not to disturb the muddy, still water. The crocodile comes closer, aware of my presence. I open my jaws slowly, revealing the yellow, dirty, blood-stained teeth. IMG_3268

The crocodile does the same, showing rows of Colgate-white teeth. I reveal my mouth above the water, making sure he can see the impending, inevitable doom ahead of him; it’s a threatening display. The reptile continues to head towards me…

OC Book Review

2 reviews thanks to Sarah

As the sequel to Blood Red Road (I did a review on it last week), Rebel Heart is an extraordinary book all about Saba’s quest find Jack.

Saba needs Jack, her whole being longs for him and his reckless soul. But IMG_3265Jack isn’t easy to find after going to inform Molly of the great loss that she would be burdened with, a loss that shocked them all. He seemingly betrays Saba by joining ranks with a squad of Tonton. The entire situation is complicated when Saba falls into the arms of Demalo. The leader of the Tonton and of New Eden, a place of tranquillity, clarity, purity and restoration.

Here is the blurb…

There’s a price on Saba’s head.

They call her the Angel of Death. She defeated a tyrant, but victory comes at a cost. Haunted by the ghosts of her past, she needs Jack. His moonlight eyes, his reckless courage, his wild courage. But Jack has left and a ruthless new enemy searches for Saba across the Dustlands…“

This book will be enjoyed by many people alike, but in particular people who are fans of books like the Hunger Games and who crave action and pure adrenaline.

Rebel Heart is one of the few books I’ve read that are as good as if not better than the first one. Highly recommended.


Over the weekend I read a not-very-good book called Twice Upon A Time by Kate Forster. It’s a teen romance and has absolutely no excitement in it what so ever. It’s a really cheesy romance that follows the same old romance storyline.

Here’s the blurb:

” Cinda’s backpacking trip takes an unexpected turn when she meets gorgeous, fun loving and incredibly wealthy Ludo in Italy. Suddenly Cinda is thrust into the heady, glamorous world of the super rich, and she’s hanging out on yachts and villa’s all over Europe. It’s the ultimate summer-fling what more could a girl want?”

“But when Cinda meets Gus, Ludo’s equally gorgeous twin brother- and heir to the Sardinian throne, she starts to realise that true happiness isn’t just about how much you party. And that true love can be found in the most unexpected places.”

“Both prince brothers are determined to win Cinda’s heart, and one of them will throw everything away to be with her… but will it be the right one?”

This was an easy read but overall I don’t think it was worth reading. My rule for reading is that: if you weren’t reluctant to put it down and eager to pick it up again than it wasn’t worth reading. It wasn’t very good and I have read a lot better. I highly recommend that you DO NOT read this book.

What’s On!

Term 2 has gone so quickly! Below are a few reminders about events taking place during these last 2 weeks of term.

This Friday is the SRC out of uniform day to raise money for Stewart House. For a gold coin donation students may come dressed in blue or yellow.

Next Monday (23/6) is our Principal’s Personal Best assembly, beginning at 2pm in the upper hall. All welcome to attend! Our 2 PPB recipients will also be invited to join Mr Selwood for morning tea on Thursday (26/6) morning. Yum!

Tuesday (24/6) is going to be exciting as we have our first visit for the year from our class scientist, Dr Graeme. He will be showing us how to build some solar carts that we can hopefully race around the playground. Fingers crossed for a sunny day!

On Wednesday (25/6) we will be celebrating Star Card Reward day with a movie, games and hotdogs. Our class will be deciding/voting on what movie they would like to watch during this session. All students may come dressed ‘mufti’.

So far this term, many of our students have participated in the UNSW ICAS computer skills, science, writing and spelling competitions. If you are yet to enter your child for English or Maths, notes and money are due at the office by Monday (23/6).

Our classroom is running low on boxes of tissues and glue sticks. Any supplies would be greatly appreciated.

Don’t forget you can access our school newsletter via our website or app each Wednesday (even weeks). There’s usually lots of photos of the OC superstars, so be sure to take a look!

Our Canberra excursion is coming up next term. Please ensure you have paid your $50 deposit by the end of next week.

Notes were sent home this week about our end of term Speaking and Listening task. These are due to be presented to the class during Week 9 – students have selected the day they are going to present them. This will be the only homework due next week.

Lastly, we will be having a special assembly to celebrate NAIDOC day on Friday (27/6) beginning at 12.30pm. All welcome to attend!

Well done to all the students who have worked so hard this term! Enjoy the last 2 weeks. Any questions or concerns, please let me know.