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OC Book Review

A few months ago I read an amazing book called Blood Red Road by Moira Young. It falls under the genre of sci-fi fantasy with a hint of romance. Set in our world in the future where our generation is known as the wreckers, the main character Saba embarks on a dangerous quest to save her brother from the terrible clutches of her soon to be greatest enemies the Tonton. Much to her anger, her little sister was destined to join her on this quest of danger, courage and sacrifice, as she experiences first hand the terror and “red hot” of cage fighting under the name of “The angel of death”. But her immediate plans are thwarted by the unexpected arrival of the one they call Jack.


I write now an exact copy of the blurb.

“I ain’t afeared of nuthin”

“When Saba’s brother is stolen. Red rage fills her soul, she races across the cruel dustlands to find him. Saba can trust no one. Even the boy who saves her life. She must silence her heart to survive. Blood will spill.”

This is one of my all time favourite books and I would highly recommend it for pretty much anyone who likes reading but especially those who love reading adventure books or sci-fi fiction.

Blood Red Road is the first book in the dustlands trilogy, the second being Rebel Heart also an amazing read, possibly better than the first and Raging Star which was actually released on May 14 this year which I haven’t read but am sure it will be great.



Athletics Carnival

Congratulations to all our wonderful students who participated in our Athletics Carnival today! It was a terrific day, with wonderful weather to match.

Students demonstrated great athleticism and sportsmanship whilst taking part in the march past, war cries, tug of war and the track and field events. Well done everyone. Enjoy the wide variety of photos below.

Principal’s Personal Best

This afternoon we held our first Principal’s Personal Best assembly for Term 2 and WOW – it was amazing!

Our Tighes Hill school band had their first performance for the year and they rocked the upper hall, receiving a huge applause from the audience and a standing ovation!


Well done to Mr Haug and Miss Robinson for their terrific conducting and organisation. Check out the link below to visit the new band blog…

Congratulations to Dan, who was awarded Principal’s Personal Best from the OC, and Joe, Jack and Lachlan who received merit awards for their effort and achievement in class.


Stage 3 Speak Off!

Well done to all the students who presented their speeches last week about a famous Australian. The topic selection, quality information and speaking skills were fantastic.

Today we held the Stage 3 Speak Off, with Sarah, Dan, Max and Rory representing the OC. Once again, they did a fabulous job, impressing the audience and teachers.


At our Principal’s Personal Best assembly this afternoon, Ms Brown announced the winners. Congratulations to Dan who took 1st and Sarah who came 2nd. They will represent our school in the Multicultural Public Speaking competition later this term. Well done!


Numeracy Groups

This term our class was fortunate to receive two students (studying primary teaching) from the University of Newcastle to work with a group of students on a numeracy project.



The project involved a series of learning experiences focusing on numeracy within other learning areas. Students enjoyed applying their mathematical knowledge during a PE task, designing a marathon course and also using technology to work out their body mass index. A big thank you to Steve and Taira for their effort and enthusiasm.

Start Smart

On Friday the OC took part in a Start Smart workshop – a program provided by the Commonwealth Bank – which is all about developing students’ understanding of financial literacy.

A big thank you to Heather, who delivered our program. We learnt all about ways young people can earn money, debit and credit cards and interest.

Engineering Challenge

Today our Year 6 students took part in Engineering Australia’s Straw Tower competition.

The challenge involved designing and constructing a straw tower with a minimum height of 50cm, weighing less than 60 grams and strong enough to hold 2kg +.

It was a difficult challenge, but all 3 of our teams, the Strawlords, #quack and Awesome Strawsome completed their towers to the required specifications ready for judging and testing.

Well done to the teams who displayed innovative design skills, great team work and super effort!

Mad Scientists!

Australian Geographic recently held a competition where you could win $250 for your school. All you had to do is dress up like a Mad Scientist!

So when this competition popped up I immediately thought of our wonderful Mrs Bowman – not only is she a science buff but also loves to dress up.

Earlier this week she recruited the help of Rory and Dan to dress up as a Mad Scientist and “lab experiment”.

We had a hilarious time during our photo shoot – yes that is a jelly brain. Below is a slideshow of their Mad Scientist antics as they were let loose on the playground at recess. The entry that we have entered into the competition is…


Fingers crossed that we have the winning entry. I’ll keep you posted!


Last Thursday the OC’s Tighes Hill Tribune was published as part the 2014 Newcastle Herald Writing Competition. Students wrote some fantastic articles covering a range of local and community issues. If you missed out on getting a copy, click on the attachments below. Happy reading and well done OC journos!

TighesHill Tribune Page 1 2014         Tighes Hill Tribune Page 2 2014


Chess Champions

Congratulations to our students from the OC who represented our school in the Interschool Chess Challenge last Friday organised by the Sydney Academy of Chess.

It was a huge day of mental tactics, strategy and intense concentration! Many schools from across the region were represented including Plattsburg, St Phillips College, Valentine and HSPA.

The competition was extremely close throughout the day and our students showed great sportsmanship and encouragement of each other.

Overall, our team finished 2nd place, just half a point behind Plattsburg, who were the day’s winners. Congratulations also to Dan, who placed 2nd in the individual scores. Our school has made it through to the semi-finals which will be held next term.

A big thank you also to our wonderful parents who helped make this event possible by providing transport to and from the venue.