Archive | March 30, 2014

Zone Cross Country


A special report from our Zone Cross Country correspondent and photographer, Nelson G-

As the grey clouds zoomed across the sky, the Zone Cross Country carnival commenced!


First there was the 8/9 girls event followed by the boys. After that there was the 10 years girl and boy race. The 11 year boys (which consisted of most of the Tighes Hill team) zoomed past the finish line. The 11 year girls had a wonderful race and scored lots of points. The 12/13 boys and girls were last for the day and also performed exceptionally well.


Everyone behaved very well, the weather held off throughout the events and everyone was really tired by the end. The day’s final score was; Kids:1, Storm:0.

Well done and thank you to Nelson for offering to report on this event for our blog and taking some fantastic photos!