Congratulations to our OC students who have been selected to represent our school in debating this year.

Our debating coordinator, Miss Beker, had the very tough job of holding try-outs and selecting the teams. There was a huge interest from students and many fine candidates. Well done to everyone who had a go!

Yr 5 Train On Team - Heidi and Cala Yr 5 Premier's Team - Louis, Sarah, Max, Joseph and Zane

Year 5 Train On Team – Heidi and Cala.

Year 5 Premier’s Team – Louis, Sarah, Max, Joseph and Zane.

Year 6 Team – Demaris, Dayna, Eva and Rory.

The debating competition season commences at the end of this term. Students in the Year 5 Premier’s Team also received an invitation this week to attend a debating workshop next Friday with Miss Beker.

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