Archive | February 13, 2014

Great Aussie Bush Camp

Today the OC embarked on their first excursion together – a day trip to the Great Aussie Bush Camp at Tea Gardens!

Students participated in a variety of team building and peer support activities including the dual flying fox, high ropes and raft building.

It was fantastic to see the students working together and encouraging one another during the obstacle courses and challenges.

A big thank you to our wonderful instructors, Chelsea and Grace, who took Team Unicorn (our new class name!) through the days events and provided enthusiasm and encouragement.

The bravery award goes to Demaris, who found herself stuck at the half way point on the flying fox. She kept smiling even when poor Chelsea fell out of her canoe on her first rescue attempt!

Thanks for a terrific day, OC! I’m sure everyone will sleep well tonight after our exciting adventures today. Great job!