NaNoWriMo – half way there!

We have now passed the halfway point of our epic month of writing for NaNoWriMo! Collectively this year over 204,994,865 words have been written so far by young writers from around the world.

In the OC students have been spending time each morning at school plugging away on their novels and I know many have also been working on them at home which is fantastic! I’ve added some ideas below from the NaNoWriMo Dare Machine and a Pep Talk from writer Jeff VanderMeer to help keep the creative juices flowing as we enter the final weeks of the project. Good luck and keep writing!

Ideas from the Dare Machine:

  • Make a character cry!
  • Give your main character doubts about his or her mission.
  • Add a scene where a character stumbles into a secret room.
  • Write a theme song for your main character.
  • Make something blow up.
  • Introduce a character who only uses big words.
  • Write a scene that helps your reader sympathize with the villain.
  • Write a scene in which your villain comes up with a new name.
  • Your hero finds a mysterious bag on his or her porch…
  • Introduce a blackmail or bribery subplot.
  • Include something hidden under a rock.
  • Have one of your characters go missing for a chapter.
  • Have a non-important character say the most memorable quote you can think of.

More ideas from the Dare Machine can be found on the NaNoWriMo Young Writers website.

Click here for a pep talk from writer Jeff VanderMeer.


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