Super Maths Stars!

Today at our Principal’s Personal Best assembly many of our OC students were recognised for their amazing achievements in the Newcastle Permanent Maths Competition and the Australian Maths Olympiad.









This year over 18,000 students participated in the Newcastle Permanent Maths Competition. Congratulations to Cooper who achieved a High Distinction and placed 32nd in the Year 6 division. Well done to Chris, Frank, Allan, Mitch, Eva and Demaris who placed in the top 15% earning themselves a Distinction. Congratulations also to Heather, Callum, Ethan B, Samantha, Rory and Declan who placed in the top 30% achieving a Merit.

In this year’s Maths Olympiad over 30,000 students took part in the Junior Division. Congratulations to Cooper who was awarded with the highest individual score trophy, a top 10% achiever metal pin and a top 25% achiever cloth patch. Well done to Mitch who also received a top 25% achiever cloth patch for scoring in the top 20% of all participants. This year’s Encouragement Award was presented to Amy for her effort and improvement throughout the Olympiads. Well done everyone!

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