Styx and Throsby Creek Brochure Competition

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free glitter text and family website at

Today at our assembly we were joined by Amanda Burrows from Waterwatch to announce the winner of the Styx/Throsby Creek Brochure competition which our class took part in earlier this year. Congratulations to Demaris who was awarded 1st place! Demaris received a bag full of goodies and has had her brochure printed so that it can be distributed to the whole school this Wednesday with our newsletter. Well done to Dayna who was awarded 2nd place and to Eva, Katie and Jasmine who received highly commended for their efforts.


Congratulations Demaris!


Amanda Burrows from Waterwatch with Eva, Jasmine, Katie, Dayna, Demaris and Mr Selwood


2 thoughts on “Styx and Throsby Creek Brochure Competition

  1. Hey Demaris, when I first graduated from Uni and worked on the Honeysuckle Masterplan 20 yrs ago a key part of the early work was restoring mangroves on the banks of Throsby Creek. When your Brother was in the OC 5 yrs ago the class were given fishing rods to see if fish were back in Throsby Creek after the Mangrove rehabilitation. Now you have done a great brochure to raise awareness about keeping the creeks clean 🙂 well done !! Dad

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