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Styx and Throsby Creek Brochure Competition

free glitter text and family website at
free glitter text and family website at

Today at our assembly we were joined by Amanda Burrows from Waterwatch to announce the winner of the Styx/Throsby Creek Brochure competition which our class took part in earlier this year. Congratulations to Demaris who was awarded 1st place! Demaris received a bag full of goodies and has had her brochure printed so that it can be distributed to the whole school this Wednesday with our newsletter. Well done to Dayna who was awarded 2nd place and to Eva, Katie and Jasmine who received highly commended for their efforts.


Congratulations Demaris!


Amanda Burrows from Waterwatch with Eva, Jasmine, Katie, Dayna, Demaris and Mr Selwood


HSIE Term 3

This term students will be studying the HSIE unit Gold! which will culminate with our 3 day excursion to Bathurst at the end of this term. Thank you to the families who have already made substantial or full payments for our excursion. If you have any questions regarding our excursion please let me know.

Below are some tagxedos and glogs students have made to begin our work on Gold!
Gold rushGold rush (2)


Mitchell the Magnificent!

Hi my name is Mitchell and I came to the OC from Stockton. I love sports, especially surfing and triathlons. Some of my achievements in sport include racing junior state triathlon series and all schools state cross country where I came 22nd. I also enjoy maths and am looking forward to going to a GATs camp for Physics. I have a dog, a patched dalmation, named Shadow. He is more black than white. I was really happy that I got into Merewether High for next year. When I grow up I would like to be involved in something pro sport or maybe a scientist or an engineer.