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Magic Maths!

Today we received a visit from our class mathematician Dr Jarad as part of the CSIRO Mathematicians in Schools program. Students explored a variety of challenging problem solving tasks and had an interesting discussion about Fermat’s Last Theorem. A huge thank you to Dr Jarad for visiting us and sharing his amazing knowledge with us.


Packaging and Design Competition

Well done to all the students who participated in this year’s Packaging and Design competition with Miss Beker. The competition has now come to an end and the best designs sent in for judging. Congratulations to Eva, Chris and Allan for being selected as the OC top two.


Eva – the Tru Case

a case to carry a trumpet or cornet

Allan and Chris - no more breaks in your flakes

Allan and Chris – no more breaks in your flakes



We have had such fun in HSIE this term exploring a variety of different mysteries from history as part of our Enigmas unit. During our studies we have viewed segments from several different documentaries. I have been so impressed by the interest and enthusiasm from students towards these topics that I’ve added the links to the videos (plus a few extras) below for those who are keen to learn more. Happy watching!

Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle

The Marie Celeste

The Marie Celeste






Otzi the Iceman

Otzi the Iceman

Stone Henge

Stone Henge






Atlantis - The Lost City

Atlantis – The Lost City

Don’t forget – our Mysteries of History excursion next Wednesday as Newcastle Museum!

Stop Press!

Today our OC Year 6 students attended a tour of the Regional Fairfax Printers as part of the Newcastle Herald Writing competition. It was very interesting and informative as students were able to see all aspects of how the paper is manufactured and experience how a large scale newspaper press operates. A big thank you to Judith for being a fantastic tour guide and to the parents and Mrs Scully who assisted us with transport.


Star Struck!

Congratulations to our Star Struck performers who put on such a wonderful show this weekend. All the time, effort and hard work that was put into this event certainly paid off as the group put on three amazing performances. A big thank you to Miss Robinson who worked so hard to make this a great success!

DSC00439 DSC00403

Reading Buddies

Today the OC participated in their first session of Reading Buddies with students from 1/2E. Reading Buddies is a great program where older students are paired with younger students for one-on-one reading time. The program not only develops reading skills, it also enhances self confidence, academic performance and a love of reading.

MsArmstrong's reading buddies album on Photobucket

Students enjoyed personally selecting books to enjoy with their buddies and will meet again next week.

Rugby Champions!

Congratulations to our boys rugby team who represented our school at this year’s Paul Harragon Cup on Tuesday. The team played gallantly in the 7 a side competition achieving a respectable 2 wins and 2 draws. Special mentions to our OC champions – Callum named for best side step, Liam as super substitute and Noah for best support player. A big thank you also goes to Mr Gillett for organising the event and coaching our boys.

Super rugby boys!

Super rugby boys!

Planet Savers!

Never fear, the OC is here! Last week, students went on an excursion to the Wetlands Centre to participate in a program called Planet Savers- where they did just that. The program involved a variety of hands-on workshops where students worked with students from the GATs class at Waratah Callaghan Technology Campus. Some of the highlights were planting trees, conducting water testing and learning about ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

MsArmstrong's planet savers album on Photobucket


The Amazing Life of Heather!

Star of the Week Profile

My name is Heather and I am amazing! Today I’ll be telling you a bit about myself. My favourite singers are Little Mix and Taylor Swift. I have an adorable puppy named Rusty. My favourite foods include anything  italian, chocolate, ice cream and mint. I am in the OC and it’s the best class ever!!! My best friends in the whole world are Ellie and Maybel. I’m looking forward to going to High school next year so that I get to see all of my old friends. When I grow up I would like to be a teacher. I would also like to travel the world and be a photographer.

Heather (moustache) with the "kool kids"

Heather (moustache) with the “kool kids”