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Terrific Term 2!

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Today we celebrated a terrific term of student achievement with Star Card Reward Day and our Principal’s Personal Best morning tea. Students who achieved 80% of their stars this term got to enjoy a mufti day, movie session, popcorn and a hotdog lunch! Well done to our Principal’s Personal Best recipients this term – Rory and Chris – who enjoyed a hot buffet of yummy treats.



Thank you to all the students in the OC for all their effort and hard work this term! I look forward to a busy and exciting Term 3. Have a super holiday. School resumes for students on Tuesday 16th July.

Debating Champions!

This term has seen many of our OC students take part in a variety of Debating competitions including the Premiers Debating competition and the Equity Debating competition. Earlier this week our Year 5 girls participated in a debate against Lambton school. The debate topic was ‘that Australian models under the age of 18 should be banned’. The girls were successful arguing against this topic and won the debate. Well done!

Year 5 debaters - Amy, Bella, Eva and Dayna

Year 5 debaters – Amy, Bella, Eva and Dayna



Today our school celebrated NAIDOC Day. Students enjoyed watching performances from the Hunter School of Performing Arts aboriginal dance group and participated in a variety of activities including cultural and contemporary dance, face painting and dreamtime stories. Well done to everyone for their terrific effort.

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Mysteries of History!

Today students in the OC went on an excursion to the Newcastle Museum to participate in the Mysteries of History program as the culmination of our HSIE topic Enigmas. Students were able to demonstrate their fantastic investigative and research skills to solve problems and looked at some remarkable local artefacts. We also enjoyed a visit to the Supernova exhibition and the BHP lightshow. A big thank you to Emma Best who delivered our program today. Well done to our students for their enthusiastic participation!

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Tech Stars!

Congratulations to our OC students who took part in the DEC Tech Stars Challenge this term. The aim of the challenge was to create an infographic  that explained ‘why the angry birds transformed their abilities in space’. Students had to consider new names, descriptions, abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Below are examples of some of the fantastic infographics students created. Well done!

Heather Angry Birds Space

Allan & Chris

rory graham angry birds

It’s Academic

This week permission notes were sent home to OC students about the excursion to Foxtel Studios to take part in the Channel 7 television program, It’s Academic. Our recording day has been confirmed for Week 6 next term, Tuesday 20th August. In the lead up to this event we will be practising using example questions from past episodes. Our school will be represented by 15 students (5 teams of 3) plus 2 reserves. Some students have already expressed an interest in preferring to remain behind camera instead of in front. Regardless of this, all students are welcome and encouraged to attend this excursion, cheer on our school, learn about the television production process and enjoy some star treatment in the green room (I wish!). If you have any questions, please let me know. A copy of our permission note is also attached for you below.

It’s Academic excursion note


Super Science!

Today we received a visit from our class scientist Dr Graeme Puxty. It was a terrific session where students got to participate in two exciting science experiments. The first, called Dehydrating Sugar, involved mixing sugar with sulphuric acid. This process caused the oxygen and hydrogen to be sucked out leaving only carbon behind. We ended up with a huge lump of black coal! The second experiment, Coke Can Crush, involved heating an empty coke can with a teaspoon of water in it on a hotplate. When heated the steam pushed the air out of the can. Dr Graeme then turned the can upside down and put it into a tray of water. The steam condensed creating a vacuum, resulting in the can being crushed. Awesome! A big thanks to Dr Graeme for his time and sharing his expertise with our class.

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Bag Hooks have arrived!

Today was an exciting day at Tighes Hill with the arrival and installation of bag hooks outside our classrooms! Since the whole school refurbishment several years ago both staff and students have been wanting bag hooks for their belongings and also to keep our school looking tidy. A big thank you to Mr Burgess for installing these for us and to Mr Selwood for making bag hooks a reality!