Archive | May 30, 2013

Take 3 Marine Debris Program

This week students in the OC participated in the Take 3 Marine Debris program. This involved conducting a litter audit of our playground (thank goodness for the gloves and tongs) and recording the different types of litter and the areas it was found. The next stage of the program will involve the students designing a school campaign to help address the issue of marine debris.


This morning our students participated in their first session with Michael from Michael Mills Tennis Coaching. Students worked on a variety of different tennis skills and later demonstrated some very impressive techniques during a match. Look out, Roger Federer!

MsArmstrong's Tennis album on Photobucket

Our coaching sessions will continue each Thursday until the end of term.

Congratulations Ethan!

Today our very own Ethan C was announced as the winner of a Scholastic Book Club competition that students in the OC took part in earlier this year. Ethan was chosen from more than 1000 entries from across the state – what an achievement! The prizes included a book voucher for Ethan and his teacher (yay!) as well as a book for every student in our class. A big thank to Scholastic and I hope Ethan and the OC enjoy their new reading material.


A book for every student in the OC! Thanks Ethan


Ethan and Nicole from Scholastic

Ethan and Nicole from Scholastic