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Take 3 Marine Debris Program

This week students in the OC participated in the Take 3 Marine Debris program. This involved conducting a litter audit of our playground (thank goodness for the gloves and tongs) and recording the different types of litter and the areas it was found. The next stage of the program will involve the students designing a school campaign to help address the issue of marine debris.


This morning our students participated in their first session with Michael from Michael Mills Tennis Coaching. Students worked on a variety of different tennis skills and later demonstrated some very impressive techniques during a match. Look out, Roger Federer!

MsArmstrong's Tennis album on Photobucket

Our coaching sessions will continue each Thursday until the end of term.

Congratulations Ethan!

Today our very own Ethan C was announced as the winner of a Scholastic Book Club competition that students in the OC took part in earlier this year. Ethan was chosen from more than 1000 entries from across the state – what an achievement! The prizes included a book voucher for Ethan and his teacher (yay!) as well as a book for every student in our class. A big thank to Scholastic and I hope Ethan and the OC enjoy their new reading material.


A book for every student in the OC! Thanks Ethan


Ethan and Nicole from Scholastic

Ethan and Nicole from Scholastic



The Amazing World of Noah

Star of the Week Profile

Hi my name is Noah but my friends call me Po. I lived in South Africa for 7 years with my family until we moved to Australia when I was 7. I like doing sports such as swimming, running and football. I like Tighes Hill school because I have lots of friends. In 2010 as part of the World Cup Soccer game in South Africa I got to run out for the Australian team as a buddy player. I would like to be a professional athlete when I’m older either in swimming or running. I’m looking forward to some of the exciting things coming up in the OC later this year.


Star Struck!

Several students from our class have been very busy rehearsing for this year’s Star Struck concert which is taking place next month. They have also been creating some beautiful scrapbook posters as part of this year’s theme – memories. These posters will be used as part of a large backdrop during the performance which all schools are contributing to. If you haven’t purchased your Star Struck tickets yet it’s not too late. Well done to our super stars Heather, Sam, Katie, Eva, Demaris and Jasmine.

Catchment Safari

Today some of our OC students were invited to attend a Catchment Safari as part of the Styx/Throsby Creek brochure competition. This excursion was organised by Amanda Burrows from the Hunter Water Authority/Waterwatch and allowed students the opportunity to study our local creek environment, conduct water testing and enjoy a harbour cruise. A great day was had by all as you can see in the photos below.

MsArmstrong's Waterways Safari album on Photobucket

A Day in the Life of Chris

Star of the Week Profile

Hi my name is Chris aka Chuck Norris. I am in Year 6. I enjoy playing AFL and I spend 164 hours of the week being boss. I am a member of the Chucks of Norris. My favourite superhero (not including Chuck Norris) is Superman. My favourite song is Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley. When I grow up I would like to be a professional AFL player.

Peyton, Ethan, Chris, Allan and Callum

Face to a Name Project

This week students presented their research topics for our Face to a Name Project as part of their yearbook task. The effort and quality of research was excellent and these will later be used as part of the book the OC will publish for this project.

The video below shows a sample of some of these great presentations.