20 thoughts on “Plinky Question – Term 2 Week 1

  1. If i could move anywhere i would move to the planet that astronomers resently sighted made of diamonds. Tehe i would be filthy rich. Chris out………. I am a boss…….. Chris out

  2. I would live in Banos Ecuador because of all the waterfalls, pools, schools, spanish schools and so many other opportunities such as absailing or bike riding. As Mum would say, anythings possible & nothing is safe.

  3. Or I would go to South Africa because my dad, sister and brother were born there and I lived there for 7 years

  4. I would probably go to Singapore because of the beautiful beaches, coral, zoos and because of the fact that there are HUGE botanical gardens and friendly people too.

  5. I would live in Thailand, because everything is cheap and there is the MBK (the second biggest shopping center in the world!!)

  6. I would go to either Holand or Germany because I am part German and Dutch. I would also like to go there because I think it would be amazing to see so many mountians and so much grass(Germany) and Holand because I’ve always wanted to see snow!!

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