Combined Schools ANZAC Service

Written by Heather, Sam and Kate

Today students from the OC and 5/6I attended the 59th Annual Combined Schools ANZAC Service.

Both classes had to arrive at school on time to travel by bus to the Civic Theatre. When we arrived we were escorted to our seats in the theatre.

First there was an introduction, including a warm welcome to the distinguished guests and schools. In total there was 1400 students in attendance.

Then followed a play called Saluting their Service. The message was ‘you couldn’t survive without a mate’. It was performed by 9 students and it was obvious a lot of hard work had been put in as it was done perfectly.

There was a Remembrance Service and not long after there was the Mounting of the Catafalque party, which is also a tradition at our school service.

We had an Ode of Remembrance along with a minute’s silence to remember those who died protecting our country. We also listened to the Last Post played by a student.

Finally we finished by singing the National Anthem. Today was amazing but also very sad to see what inhumane things people will do for power.


Our school will be commemorating ANZAC day with a whole school assembly on Friday 3rd May at 12pm.



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