3 thoughts on “Plinky Question Term 1 Week 8

  1. Hi there Tiger Tailers,
    If I could be any fictional character, I would like to be Scooby Doo…. He’s way cool! He solves crimes, eats snacks and always manages to come out on the good side of evil. He has amazing adventures and life is never boring…. And he has a cool car! He is mates with everyone and is humble and caring…. And never scared to show his emotional side! I know I could choose to be Luke Skywalker, or Indiana Jones…. But Scooby is the character that I would most like to be! He has the attributes in his character that I most value; caring for others, humbleness, honesty and a sense of adventure! I can’t wait to hear who you would all like to be!
    Mrs Lavercombe

  2. I probably would choose Frodo baggins because he is so cool he has lots of determination and is areally good friend

  3. I would be ……..*DRUM ROLL* Matilda O’Halloran-JAckie french
    And my friend would be Elewen Boldmore.From her book 🙂

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