Archive | February 25, 2013

Rory the Magnificent

Star of the Week Profile

Hi my name is Rory and I am new to Tighes Hill school and really enjoying it. I like having a blog and using Edmodo. My hobbies include digging holes and riding my bike. I have a lot of friends at Tighes Hill and everyone is really friendly. I like going to the beach and riding my boogie board. My favourite food is salami pizza. When I am older I would like to go to Japan because I am really interested in technology.


Throsby/Styx Creek Competition

Today students in the OC received a visit from Environmental Officer Amanda Gregory to introduce the Throsby/Styx Creek brochure design competition. The competition allows students to help Waterwatch and Hunter Water teach the community about water pollution. The winner of the competition will have their brochure published, printed and distributed to Tighes Hill students and the community. During the visit today students learned all about the ways to keep waterways clean and the affects pollution and illegal dumping have on catchments and ecosystems. A huge thank you to Amanda for visiting us today and inspiring our students to take care of the environment. I can’t wait to see their fantastic brochures when they’re finished!

Below are some links to websites you may be interested in for further reading.

Rivers and Ecosystems website       Estuaries website

Allan, Demaris and Rory with Amanda Gregory