Archive | February 13, 2013

Face to a Name Project

Today the OC had a special visit from Mrs Bronwyn Law to introduce the Face to a Name Project that our students will be participating in. Face to a Name is a school based research project that traces the stories of war veterans whose names appear on our school Honour Board and local community war memorials sites. The research identifies a face and a story behind those names, personalising and localising war history for students, revealing the journey from school to the battlefront and the impact of war on the local community.

Mrs Bronwyn Law is an education specialist and community advocate in Newcastle. She will be assisting our students and community with the undertaking of this project.

If you have a relative who fought in World War 1 and this person attended Tighes Hill Public School, we would love to hear your story. You can contact us at school or Mrs Bronwyn Law on 0408271507.

Cooper with Mrs Bronwyn Law. Cooper is dressed in Mrs Law’s grandfather’s uniform from World War 1.

The Awesome Club

Starting this week on Friday during lunchtime the Awesome Club will commence. Students are welcome to come along and join the Awesome Club where we will be looking at a variety of assessment samples to familiarise students with how to approach testing and reduce any anxieties. The students creatively thought of the name the Awesome Club because they are all so awesome!