Archive | February 12, 2013

A Daily Day in the Life of Allan

Congratulations to Allan our first star of the week. As part of the star duties students will be posting a profile about themselves on our class blog.

Hi my name is Allan and I’m 11 years old. I enjoy being a student at Tighes Hill and love the OC. My favourite things to do are fishing, surfing and I play guitar. I also like camping and somewhat enjoy flying in a plane. I go to Bali every second year (ever since I was born). When my dad comes home next month we are going marlin fishing which I’m really excited about. My favorite food is potato pies. I like drinking coke as well. Later this year I am also going on a surfing trip with my dad and friends.


Packaging Design Challenge

This week our OC students started working on the 2013 Packaging Design Challenge as part of our science and research studies. The Challenge is to demonstrate a broad understanding of packaging and sustainability issues by completing general research, conducting and analysing experiments and discussing the students design choices in writing. Students must complete a mock-up of their design as well as a written presentation. The challenge is not to design a new product but to produce new packaging.

So far students have come up with lots of interesting and innovative designs. The next step of the process will be obtaining materials to bring into school to help students with their mock-up design. A big thank you to Miss Beker who is leading this challenge with our students.

Visit the link below for further details.