Archive | January 2013

OC 2013 begins!

Today was the first day for students in the OC and we got things underway with a learning activity that illustrated the challenges of mining, engineering and environmental sustainability. The task involved students having to excavate mineral resources from the earth. The minerals and the earth were represented by choc chip and cream biscuits and students used mining equipment (toothpicks and spoons) to extract these riches. The challenge was to obtain maximum quantity and quality of minerals with minimum environmental impact. Students had a lot of fun examining and discussing this important issue. And thoroughly enjoyed eating the leftovers!

OC transition day

At the end of last term our new OC students joined us for 2 transition visits at our school to get a taste of some of the activities they will be experiencing in the OC in 2013. The photos below show students participating in an engineering challenge which was to build a straw bridge. The aim was to design and build a bridge that was able to support the weight of 2 toy cars. The students had a great time and worked well in their teams to complete the challenge. I look forward to more engineering fun in 2013!

MsArmstrong's OC 2013 transition day album on Photobucket