Sizzling Starts!

This term we’ve been learning how to engage the reader by using a sizzling start followed by backfill in our imaginative writing. Today students worked collaboratively in groups to create some writing using picture prompts. Have a read of their fantastic efforts below.

Trigger – by Chelsea, Edie, Amira, Mika, Luisa and Emma

My fingers flew across the game controller, punching the animated characters on the screen. Today was the Interschool Gamer’s Championships and all I had to do was beat the opposition and have my dream or fail and crumple into a heap of dirt. No pressure, right? My palms dripped with sweat as my imaginary enemies fell before me, grimacing realistically as they lost their lives. I got lost in the game… literally. My arms and legs slowly disappeared before my eyes. I let out a terrified scream and scrambled away from the game, but it was no use. My finger grabbed the trigger one last time before I was swallowed by the game… Stuck in the game with nowhere to go, I was trapped. My enemy advances towards me and this time I have no trigger to push.

The Ransom Note by Emma, Mika, Luisa, Amira, Edie and Chelsea

The white glove enveloped his face like it was a mere handball. I watched his eyes slowly droop lower and lower, descending into the darkness that is unconsciousness. He woke up in a white room, beeping machines all around him; he tried to move but he couldn’t… I watched from above. I stared silently at him from my hiding place in the ceiling. Suddenly the manhole cover snapped, rust descending into the room. ‘Stop, that’s me!’ I yell as the little boy, me, is buried under all the debris. The boy muffles a scream. Silence. Soon, his family will receive the ransom note, the one that is pointless now that he is gone.

A Random Story by Edie, Emma, Luisa, Amira, Mika and Chelsea

The vast beach made a perfect background to promote the new Nike shoe. My camera clicked as I snapped picture after picture, checking each one after I took it. Even though the shoes looked dull, this was the fate of my job. I snapped picture after picture, but none of them seemed quite right. My camera soon ran out of film. Will my boss notice the lack of skill and quality? I sincerely hope not. I decide to angle the camera differently. Perfect! I’d never wanted to be a photographer, I wanted to be a chemist. But the universe would choose otherwise. I should quit my job!

Sneaky Sneakers By Rowan, Callum, Oliver & Henry

I look down upon the lone shoes and swallow hard. He was here. I grab the shoes and run. I hear explosions. I can’t decide whether I should run and try to save the innocent people or run to the safety of my home? I should probably mention, I have recently encountered alien life.

Empty by Mika, Edie, Amira, Luisa, Emma and Chelsea

My breath hitched as I surveyed the scene before me. The school bus that had just been bustling with students was now entirely empty. And on the day of the school trip to San Diego! I rushed up front to the bus driver. “Where is everybody?” I look at him, his shirt is covered in blood. His eyes are completely white and his head lolls back. Gunshot wound. I start hyperventilating, panic seeping into my thoughts, my brain, until all I see is my best friend, the one that would be here right now if it weren’t for the incident. I felt panic surge inside of me, my hands shaking violently. I bolt from the bus and run as my anxiety drains away. I feel nothing. Empty.

World Maths Day!

On Wednesday we had lots of fun taking part in the International World Maths Day competition.  The competition measured speed in arithmetic and numeracy skills on the Live Mathletics platform over a 48 hour period and was open to all schools around the world. The best part was challenging each other – with several students very pleased at beating the teacher! Well done, OC! 

We also helped support UNICEF by earning points by answering questions correctly. These points are then into cash and donated to fund UNICEF supported schools in Zimbabwe, bringing education to children in need. What a great reason to be involved!


Reading Buddies!

This term we have started our Reading Buddies program with students from 3S. Reading Buddies is all about fostering positive reading habits, developing confidence and modelling expressive reading skills. Well done, everyone!

Year 6 Graduation Shirts

Congratulations to Grayson, whose Year 6 shirt design was voted as the best by his fellow peers to go on the back of our graduation shirts for 2018! Notes have been sent home and the sample shirts have arrived for students to start trying on. Can’t wait to see how fantastic they’re going to look when ready.


Super SRC!

Congratulations to Fin and Amie who were elected by our class to represent us in the Student Representative Council this year. They received their badges at our assembly today and will join our captains at regular meetings to organise fundraising, support charities and make school decisions. Well done!