OC Events

What’s happening next in the OC? Listed below are some of the events taking place including excursions, class visits, competitions and much more!

Watch this space for more details.

 Term 2

Week 2

Monday 7th May – Y3-6 assembly: captains presenting

-Code Club begins

Tuesday 8th May – Story Spot Storytelling Club begins 8am-9am

Wednesday 9th May – ICAS Digital Technologies

Friday 11th May – Art Cave

-PSSA Sport


Week 3

Monday 14th May – Interschool Chess Challenge

-Code Club 3pm

-P&C meeting 6pm

Tuesday 15th May – NAPLAN Y3&5: Language Conventions and Writing

-Story Spot 8am

Wednesday 16th May – NAPLAN Y3&5: Reading

Thursday 17th May – NAPLAN Y3&5: Numeracy

Friday 18th May – Art Cave

-PSSA Sport


Week 4

Monday 21st May – Y3-6 assembly 11.40am

-Code Club 3pm

Tuesday 22nd May – Story Spot 8am

Wednesday 23rd May – SRC Crazy Hair Day

Thursday 24th May – Year 5 Sports GALA Day

– Year 6 GRIP Leadership Conference

Friday 25th May – Netball Knockout Day

– Art Cave


Week 5  

Monday 28th May – Y3-6 assembly 11.40am

– Code Club

Tuesday 29th May – Story Spot 8am

Wednesday 30th May – ICAS Science

Friday 1st June – Art Cave

-PSSA Sport


Week 6 – Speeches due this week

Monday 4th June – Y3-6 assembly 11.40am

– Code Club

Tuesday 5th June – Story Spot 8am

Wednesday 6th June – Athletics Carnival

Friday 8th June – Bandlink 1.30-3.30pm

– Art Cave

– PSSA Sport



Week 7

Monday 11th June – Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday

Tuesday 12th June – Story Spot 8am

Wednesday 13th June – Speak Off St2/3   9.20am

-ICAS Spelling

Thursday 14th June – ICAS Writing


Week 8

Monday 18th June – Y3-6 assembly 11.40am

– Code Club 3pm

– P&C Meeting 6pm

Tuesday 19th June – Story Spot 8am

Wednesday 20th June – Y3-6 Disco 5.30pm

Friday 22nd June – Art Cave

– PSSA Sport


Week 9

Monday 25th June – Y3-6 assembly hosted by the OC 11.40am

– Code Club 3pm

Tuesday 26th June – Story Spot 8am

Thursday 28th June – OC excursion: Sydney Jewish Museum 7.30am

Friday 29th June – Red Nose Day

– Art Cave

– PSSA Sport


Week 10

Monday 2nd July – Hall of Fame assembly 2pm

– Code Club 3pm

Tuesday 3rd July – Children’s University Campus Day

– Story Spot 8am

Wednesday 4th July – Follow Your Dreaming incursion

Thursday 5th July – Hall of Fame morning tea

Friday 6th July – Reports sent home

– Last day of term 2


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