OC Events

What’s happening next in the OC? Listed below are some of the events taking place including excursions, class visits, competitions and much more!

Watch this space for more details.

 Term 2

Week 1

Tuesday 30th April – Students return for Term 2!

-School Photos!

-New canteen opens

– PE & Library

-No Y3-6 assembly

Week 2

Monday 6th May – OC excursion: Sydney Writers Festival

-Chess Coaching

Tuesday 7th May– PE & Library

– Creative Writing Workshops begin 8am

Wednesday 8th May – Brainstorm show 2pm

-Choir 8.30am

Friday 10th May – Band 8am 

Week 3 

Monday 13th May – P&C Meeting. 6pm. All welcome!

– Stage 3 gymnastics

– Chess Coaching

Tuesday 14th May – Y3-6 assembly 2pm

– PE & Library

– Creative Writing workshops 8am

-Year 5 NAPLAN

Wednesday 15th May – Year 5 NAPLAN


-Y3-6 Choir 8.30am

Thursday 16th May– Year 5 NAPLAN

Friday 17th May– Year 5 NAPLAN

– Band 8am

Week 4 

Monday 20th May– Chess Coaching

-Stage 3 gymnastics

Tuesday 21st May – Y3-6 assembly 2pm

-Creative Writing Workshops

-Interschool Chess Challenge @ HSPA

– PE & Library

Wednesday 22nd May– Y3-6 Choir 8.30am

Thursday 23rd May – Year 5 NAPLAN

– Year 6 GRIP Leadership conference

Friday 24th May – Year 5 NAPLAN

-Band 8am

Week 5  

Monday 27th May – Chess Coaching

Tuesday 28th May – Y3-6 assembly 2pm

-CU lunchtime learning opportunity

– PE & Library

-Creative Writing Workshops

Wednesday 29th May– Year 6 high school transition day

-Choir 8.30am

Friday 31st May -Band 8am

Week 6 

Monday 3rd June – Stage 3 gymnastics

-Chess Coaching

Tuesday  4th June – Y3-6 assembly 2pm

– PE & Library

– CU learning lunchtime

– Creative Writing Workshops 8am

Wednesday 5th June – Choir 8.30am

Thursday 6th June – Netball knockout

-Operation Art

Friday 7th June  Band 8am

Week 7 

Monday 10th June– Queen’s birthday public holiday

Tuesday 11th June – Y3-6 assembly 2pm

– PE & Library

– Basketball GALA day

-CU learning lunchtime

-Creative Writing Workshops 8am

Wednesday 12th June– Choir 8.30am

Friday 14th June Band 8am

Week 8

Monday 17th June– Chess Coaching

– P&C meeting 6pm

-Stage 3 gymnastics

Tuesday 18th June– Y3-6 assembly 2pm

– PE & Library

– Creative Writing Workshops 8am

Wednesday 19th June – Choir 8.30am

Friday 21st June -Band 8am

Week 9

Monday 24th June– Chess Coaching

-Stage 3 gymnastics

Tuesday 25th June – Y3-6 assembly 2pm hosted by the OC!

-PE & Library

– Creative Writing Workshops 8am

Wednesday 26th June– Choir 8.30am

-Stage 3 Civic Theatre excursion: Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes


Friday 28th June – Band 8am

Week 10

Monday 1st July– Chess Coaching

-Hall of Fame assembly 2pm

-Stage 3 gymnastics

Tuesday 2nd July– PE & Library

Wednesday 3rd July – Choir 8.30am

-Musica Viva

Friday 4th July -Band 8am

-Last day of term 2!


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