Thinkfest 2018!

Congratulations to our super OC who did a fantastic job at the regional Opportunity Class Thinkfest event today! Students have worked so hard this term in preparation for Thinkfest, which is all about problem-solving, team work, research, creativity and innovation. The process has involved researching their topics/problems, creating a skit, writing a script, making a key prop, designing and painting a backdrop, filming a video trailer and maintaining a visual diary of the Thinkfest journey. It’s always such a fun albeit stressful project and students excelled this year with our English team winning their category and our Maths and Science teams receiving Runners Up. We also received lots of certificates for Best Prop, Best Backdrop, Best Visual Diary, Best Script and Best Skit. Well done to Emma who received our school’s medal for Best Thinkfester this year for her outstanding commitment, leadership and team work during the project.  What a day! Enjoy a well earned rest tonight OC, I’m so proud of you!


Today saw the culmination of our annual Thinkfest program! Students showcased their talents, creativity and problem-solving skills at our host school New Lambton South PS. It’s been a huge amount of work: making props, writing scripts, maintaining a visual diary, painting backdrops, having fun and making lots of mess! Our efforts were rewarded today with a win for our English team, Best Visual Diary, Highly Commended for Enthusiasm and Best Backdrop. Our History team received awards for Best Prop and Best Backdrop. Our Maths team received Best Skit Solution and Science also received Best Backdrop. Congratulations to Ember who was recognised as Best ‘Thinkfester’ for her outstanding effort, leadership and contribution to this year’s program. Well done everyone – a terrific result!


Thinkfest Success!

Congratulations to the OC who did a wonderful job at our Thinkfest event today. Excellent performances, team work and enthusiasm from all groups and lots of awards! If you would like to watch students perform their skits, our English and Visual Arts group will be performing at our Week 7 assembly and our Science and Maths group will perform at our Week 8 assembly.

Well done to our Visual Arts group – Griffin, Ember, Sia, Eleanor, Elsie, Eliza and Layla (who did an amazing job stepping in for Eliza today) – who were the overall winners in their category and also won Best Backdrop, Best Visual Diary, Best Script and Best Skit Solution. 

Well done to our English group – Sophia, Celeste, Mila, Cai, Freya, Chloe and Layla – who won Best Backdrop, Best Script and Best Video Trailer.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWell done to our Maths group – Vincent, Calvin, Ty, Patrick, Sachin, Oscar, Blade and Zander – who won Best Backdrop, Best Performance Skills and Highly Commended for Teamwork.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWell done to our Science group – Sam, Jarvis, Liana, Sam, Elijah, Noah and Duncan – who won Best Backdrop, Best Script and Highly Commended for Teamwork. 


Thinkfest – almost there!

It has been a very busy/crazy/hectic/fun few weeks preparing for this year’s Thinkfest. We will head off on Wednesday to perform, so please ensure students have brought in their permission notes and payment. I’m so proud of the wonderful efforts everyone has made. You can see from the photos below just how much hard work goes into getting this all organised. Well done, OC!

Thinkfest 2015

Well done to everyone who participated in this term’s Thinkfest project. Yesterday was the culmination of weeks of hard work which included brainstorming ideas for problems (in the areas of English, maths, science and history), writing scripts,  creating a skit, making a key prop, designing and painting a backdrop and creating a video diary and trailer. Thank you to this year’s host school, Cessnock West, where 11 OCs from across the Hunter region met to participate. We had a great time putting our projects together and I was very proud of the fantastic job students did performing and working with their teams. Well done to our History group who won the Best Backdrop award and to our Science and Engineering team who received a Highly Commended award for enthusiasm.


It’s almost here! Students have been working tirelessly this term in preparation for our end of year OC event – Thinkfest. This coming Tuesday we are headed to Cessnock West PS to join other OCs from around the region to participate in this program. We leave at 8am on Tuesday so please ensure students are at school on time and that permission notes and payments have been handed in. There are a few photos below and I will post more including videos when they are complete. Looking forward to a great day! A copy of the note is also attached below.

thinkfest excursion note 2015


Well done to our OC who went along to Maryland PS today to participate in the annual Thinkfest event. Our teams did a wonderful job presenting their skits, visual diaries and props and participating in scattegories. We won several awards, including 3 for Best Backdrop, a Highly Commended for enthusiasm, Best Prop and a Best Skit Solution. Well done, everyone and thank you to Maryland for hosting us today.


Students have been busily preparing for Thinkfest, which is taking place on Monday at Maryland Public School. If you are yet to bring in your permission note and payment, the note is attached below. Please make sure students arrive at school by 8.50am.

Thinkfest Excursion note 2014

Here are some photos of students working on their backdrops, which are coming along beautifully.


Today our OC attended an excursion to Jewells Public School to participate in Thinkfest.

Thinkfest is a creative problem solving competition for Opportunity Classes from all over the Hunter region. Our Thinkfest areas for investigation included sophisticated enquiries in the areas of English, Maths, Science and Visual arts. Students worked in groups to produce a script, dramatic skit, visual process diary, a key prop and backdrop.

Our students have worked tirelessly over the past few weeks preparing for Thinkfest and performed wonderfully today at the competition. Well done to our Maths group who were awarded best backdrop and our English group for best script solution.

A big thank you to Miss Beker, Mrs Sheehan and Mrs Cooper for all their hard work and help with Thinkfest!