Maths Champs!

Well done to our super maths stars, Oscar and Noah, who attended the Newcastle Permanent Building Society’s Maths Camp at Myuna Bay on the weekend. The boys were invited to attend due to their outstanding performance of achieving a High Distinction and placing in the top 100 of the Year 5 category of the Newcastle Permanent Maths competition at the end of last year. They had a great time getting involved in lots of challenging maths activities, playing mini-golf, swimming, rope challenges and soccer. Great work, boys!

The Mighty Pi Challenge


Well done to our students who took part in our first annual OC Pi Challenge during our class party this week. Congratulations to Patrick, our Pi Champion, who was able to recite Pi to 121 digits. Amazing! Honourable mentions (and pies) to Sachin and Noah, who were able to do 54 digits, Eleanor who completed 24, Sia and Oscar recited 13 and Sam 10. Very impressive efforts!


Thinkfest Success!

Congratulations to the OC who did a wonderful job at our Thinkfest event today. Excellent performances, team work and enthusiasm from all groups and lots of awards! If you would like to watch students perform their skits, our English and Visual Arts group will be performing at our Week 7 assembly and our Science and Maths group will perform at our Week 8 assembly.

Well done to our Visual Arts group – Griffin, Ember, Sia, Eleanor, Elsie, Eliza and Layla (who did an amazing job stepping in for Eliza today) – who were the overall winners in their category and also won Best Backdrop, Best Visual Diary, Best Script and Best Skit Solution. 

Well done to our English group – Sophia, Celeste, Mila, Cai, Freya, Chloe and Layla – who won Best Backdrop, Best Script and Best Video Trailer.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWell done to our Maths group – Vincent, Calvin, Ty, Patrick, Sachin, Oscar, Blade and Zander – who won Best Backdrop, Best Performance Skills and Highly Commended for Teamwork.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWell done to our Science group – Sam, Jarvis, Liana, Sam, Elijah, Noah and Duncan – who won Best Backdrop, Best Script and Highly Commended for Teamwork. 


Maths Champions!

Congratulations to all of our super talented mathematicians for their terrific efforts in this year’s Newcastle Permanent Maths competition and the Australian Maths Competition. Students received their awards at today’s assembly and should be very proud of their achievements in these challenging assessments. 

Newcastle Permanent Maths competition – for students in Years 5 & 6

Merit certificates for students placing in the top 30% – Duncan, Ember, Cai, Sophia, Elsie and Elijah

Distinctions for students placing in the top 15% – S Willson, Liana, Griffin, Vincent, Eleanor, Blade, Celeste, Layla, Sachin, Sia and Calvin

High Distinctions for students who placed in the top 100 of participants – Noah, Oscar, Patrick, Zander and Sam. Well done to Noah and Oscar who have also been invited to the annual maths camp in 2017 for outstanding Year 5 achievers. Noah has also been invited to the official award ceremony as he has earned a District Award for being one of the highest achievers in the Hunter Region. Wow!

Australian Maths Competition (AMC)

Certificates of Proficiency – Liana, Celeste, Ty, Ember, Blade, Eleanor, S Willson, Vincent, Cai and Freya

Credits – Oscar (top 32%), Elsie (top 45%), Sachin (top 38%), Patrick (top 48%), Eliza (top 37%), Chloe (top 47%) and Duncan (top 43%)

Distinctions – Sia (top 17%), Zander (top 9%)

High Distinctions – S Walsh (top 3%) and Noah (top 2%). Well done also to Noah who was awarded a Best in School certificate and has been invited to participate in an Enrichment workshop with the AMT in Sydney. You are all superstars!




ICAS Mathematics

Well done to all of our students who took part in the ICAS Maths competition this year. A challenging event with some great results.
Participation awards – Freya, Elsie, Eliza, Chloe, Duncan (top 50%), Ty (top 50%).

Merit awards – Blade (top 43%).

Credits – Vincent (top 17%), Sia (top 20%), S Willson (top 21%), Eleanor (top 21%), Celeste (top 26%).

Distinctions – Pat (top 9%), Sachin (top 9%), Oscar (top 6%), Zander (top 3%), S Walsh (top 3%) and Noah (top 2% and recipient of the Principal’s Award).

Congratulations everyone!!

AMC Challenge!

Last term our top maths students were invited to take part in the AMC’s Challenge program for Year 5 & 6. We received our results and certificates at assembly yesterday and I was very proud of their outstanding achievements. Well done to Vincent and Layla who achieved Credits. Well done to Patrick, Noah, Sia and Sam who achieved Distinctions. Great results!

AMC 2016

It’s Raining Eggs!

We completed our STEM Spectacular this afternoon with a combined Stage 3 activity – The Egg Drop Challenge! Students weegg dropre tasked with designing and making a contraption to support an egg (yes, a raw one) during a high drop. Thanks for your efforts and generosity donating recyclable materials for the challenge. There were lots of interesting items, including plastic bags, balloons, bubble wrap, cardboard, foam, bottles and boxes! It was great to see lots of creative and innovative designs and many secure contraptions that helped their egg land safely. Thank you to Mrs Bowman for organising this wonderful activity for us today!

STEM Spectacular!

stemWhat a fabulous way to celebrate Education Week today! Despite the miserable weather, it was great to see so many grandparents, parents, friends and family attend our STEM classroom activities and shared lunch! Congratulations to our Year 5/6 students who were undoubtedly the stars of the day. I was so proud of the wonderful job our students did presenting their activity for our younger grades and our many visitors. Thank you to everyone who came along today and supported this terrific event! Check out the photos below of our mini-scientists in action…

Maths Champions!

Congratulations to all of our students who have taken part in the variety of mathematics challenges and competitions this year.

Today students received their results for the Australian Maths Competition. Well done to Cai, Elsie, Sachin, Freya and Patrick who achieved a Proficiency certificate. We had many students achieve a Credit: well done to Adrian, Joseph, Jack, Max, Zane, Sia and Sam. Congratulations to our students who achieved a Distinction – Lachlan (%rank 88), Dan (%rank 94) and Sarah (%rank 97).

All students in the OC took part in APSMO’s Maths Games and Maths Olympiads and this year we achieved some excellent results. Congratulations to Joe who was our winner of the Maths Games, finishing with a perfect score and placing in the top 2% of all participants. Well done to Pat who came 2nd, placing in the top 10% and to Dan, Sarah and Mikayla who came equal 3rd.  Congratulations to Lachlan who was our winner of the Maths Olympiad, placing in the top 10% of all participants. Well done to Pat and Jack who came equal 2nd placing in the top 20%. A fantastic achievement.



Newcastle Permanent Maths competition

Each year our school enters this great competition, open to yr 5 and 6 students. This year there were over 18,000 entrants from the region and many of our students achieved amazing results!

Achieving a merit certificate (placing in the top 45%), well done to Max, Nelson, Gill, Zane, Jacob, Elijah, Calvin, Freya and Jarvis.

Achieving a distinction (placing in the top 15% of participants), well done to Louis, Joseph, Adrian, Cala, Mikayla, Sarah, Sam, Vincent, Sachin, Sia and Patrick.

We had 4 students achieve a High Distinction for placing in the top 100. Congratulations to Joe (58th), Lachlan (49th), Dan (33rd) and a special mention to Jack who placed 5th and was also awarded a district prize. Congratulations!