Year 5 High School Day

Cooking, coding, PE, music and more! Our Year 5s had a fantastic time at their high school experience day at Callaghan College Waratah Campus.


Wooooooooo!!! Today the OC attended a special event at the University of Newcastle – Woo, New & You! We listened to lots of experts in the field of maths, science and STEM, with the highlight being an inspirational talk from Australian of the Year and teaching superstar Eddie Woo. Eddie’s presentation was titled Reimagining Maths and focused on the ideas of mathematics being about playfulness, exploration and teamwork. We got to meet Eddie, who was incredibly generous with his time, and all received a copy of his amazing book Woo’s Wonderful World of Maths! 

Healthy Harold!

Today the OC enjoyed a visit to Life Education to learn about respect, relationships and online safety. A definite highlight was meeting Harold, the cheeky giraffe, who managed to bite a few fingers and rock a Tighes Hill hat!

Outdoor Fun!

It’s hard to believe it was only this time last week that the OC headed off for their first excursion to the Outdoor Education Centre at Morisset. Despite the hot weather, spirits were high and it was great to see everyone have a really good go at all the challenges and give lots of encouragement to others. Enjoy our photos below!

Term 4 overview

Welcome to Term 4! Below is an overview of some of the opportunities and learning programs students will be involved in. Remember to visit the OC Events page, as I will be updating it throughout the term when dates and information become available.

CEP Outdoor Digital Media Festival

This annual event showcases short films from all 17 schools in our local cluster. Tickets will be on sale later this term for this great event, held on Thursday 29th November. There’s lots of entertainment, food, drink and a performance from our aerobics team. Don’t miss the premiere of our entry ‘The Most Awesome Film Ever’. We are going to begin filming this Friday, so remember to bring your costume. Make sure you visit our fundraising stall where we will be selling popcorn and slushies.


Students have begun working on their Thinkfest projects for this term. Thinkfest is an OC event where students work in groups on a problem from a key learning area. For each problem, students have to write and perform a skit, create a backdrop, design a key prop, maintain a visual process diary and film a short trailer.

In Week 7, Jewells PS is hosting this year’s Thinkfest event, with OCs from around the region attending. A note will be sent home later this term once the details are finalised.



Homework for students begins this week (Week 2). Included in our homework menu this term, students will have the option to work on their Thinkfest project for additional points.  This term’s speaking and listening task is free choice and has also been sent home (due in Week 4).

Mastery Core Value

This term students have the opportunity to earn mastery ribbons for all 3 core values – Respect, Responsibility and Quality. Our Hall of Fame assembly will be on Monday Week 9. Students who have achieved Hall of Fame in all 3 core values this year will also be invited to a special end of year reward day.


This term students will be taking part in Literature Circle using the texts Holes, When You Reach Me, Z for Zachariah and Taronga.

Our whole class novel study this term is A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness.

Students will also be completing a personal reading project this term based on a novel of their choosing. Can’t wait to share with you what we create!

As we’re approaching the end of the year, it’s a great time for students to think about completing their OC Reading Challenge.

Well done to everyone who took part in this year’s Premier’s Reading Challenge. Our certificates will be arriving soon and I will present these at our weekly assembly.

OC Book Club

A note will be sent home this week about our end of year book- a beautiful story by Katherine Applegate called The One and Only Ivan.

Well done to everyone who read our last novel, How to Bee.


This term students have the opportunity to take part in NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month – which kicks off in November. Students have the opportunity to set a word count goal and write their very own original novel. Can’t wait to see all the exciting ideas!


One of our major projects this term is to create a poster for the Statistical Society of Australia National Poster competition. We started this project last term and students have been busy working in groups, writing surveys and collecting data. Once the research and data collection is complete, students will create a poster to present their findings and hopefully prove their hypothesis.

Well done to everyone for their fantastic efforts in the APSMO Maths Games and Olympiads last term. Our final results have been sent in and we should be receiving our awards and trophies soon!

Other content we will be looking at later this term includes area, chance, patterns and algebra and time.


Mrs Derricott will be teaching our Geography unit this term – A Diverse and Connected World: Trade.


This term our unit is Evolution and Adaptation. During this unit students will be exploring the science of evolution by way of Natural Selection. They will have the opportunity to investigate genetics and learn how species have evolved to develop specific traits specific to their niche (environment).



There are lots of events and excursions taking place this term!

We have the P&C Fete taking place on Friday 9th November and it’s shaping up to be amazing!

We are organising a special end of year reward day for all Stage 3 to the movies and Revolution on Monday 17th December

Year 5 students will be participating in our student leadership program later this term in preparation for the selection of our 2019 student leaders. Parents and families are invited to watch their leadership speeches on Thursday 6th December.

Our class will be hosting our weekly assembly in Week 6 as well as sharing some work. All welcome to attend!

Our annual Carols evening will take place on Thursday 6th December.

Presentation Day will be held at the new Grainery Church on Tuesday 11th December.

Our Year 5/6 students will receive their invitations in the coming weeks for the Year 6 Farewell, which will also be held at the Grainery on Thursday 13th  December. (Year 6 – please bring in your kindy photo so we can scan it for our farewell presentation)

Finally, well done to all the students who have had a terrific start to the term and for their excellent effort and commitment to all the projects we’ve got taking place.

Stage 3 Canberra Excursion

What a massive 3 days it has been for our Stage 3 students on our Canberra excursion! We’ve had a wonderful time and got to experience so many wonderful things that Canberra has to offer. We hope you enjoy all of our photos from the last 3 days. Lots of laughs and memories made. See you at home in a few hours!

Lovely Leaders!

Thank you to all the Year 6 students who accompanied me to the GRIP Leadership Conference on Thursday. It was such a pleasure taking out a group of beautifully behaved, hard working and polite students. We had lots of fun doing a range of activities and learning about leadership qualities. One activity involved students writing similes about leadership. Some of our favourites are below:

Leadership is like a garden because it grows every time you work on it. – Amie

Leadership is like a pair of headphones because people listen to you. – Will

Leadership is like a star because it can guide you when you’re lost. – Chelsea

Leadership is like a car because it takes you places. – Jules

Leadership is like a fire because it’s there when you least expect it. – Archie

Leadership is like a tree because the roots are like the old captains, still there to remember them. – Keita

OC Outdoor Education excursion

We had our very first excursion in Week 1 to the Outdoor Education Centre at Morisset where students displayed lots of skill and courage tackling the high ropes and giant swing. Thank you OC for your wonderful effort and to Mrs Derricott for attending in my place.