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Year 6 Fair

Wow! What a spectacular end to a very busy and productive week.

After weeks of planning and organising, our year 5 and 6 students today ran an extraordinarily fun and successful fair. The day was a triumph with many positive comments from younger students and staff that today was “the best fair ever.”

Students ran a variety of stalls from drinks, slushees, delicious homemade pizza, Nerf guns, water fun, cakes, lollies, apple bobbing, trash and treasure, ice creams, showbags, video gaming, hair and beauty, face painting, jumping castle and the hugely popular fairy floss!

Thanks must be given to all students, families and staff who made today such a success! The sheer volume of donations and money raised was staggering. Well done, Tighes Hill. What a fantastic school community!

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TreeTops Adventure

Yesterday our Year 6 students who are enrolling at Callaghan College Waratah Technology Campus next year were offered an amazing opportunity to attend a transition program at TreeTops Adventure Park. As you can see in the photos below, our students had a terrific day conquering the challenging obstacle course through the trees and getting to know students from other schools.

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Thank you to Mrs Sheehan and Mrs Ireland for accompanying our students on this excursion.

Wetlands Excursion

Earlier this week to OC attended an excursion to the Hunter Wetlands Centre for the Gifted and Talented Student Challenge. They were also joined by Jewells PS OC and Maryland PS OC.

The adventure began by testing the water quality of the BHP Pond and the Farm Dam. The students used a range of equipment, including thermometers, indicator paper, turbidity tubes, anenometers (which measure wind speed), and compasses, in order to answer a range of questions about their surroundings. They had a bit of excitement whilst collecting and analysing data at the Farm Dam when a huge gust of wind blew Callum’s English book into the water! It was very amusing watching the kids put their brain power together and use their turbidity tubes to rescue the drowning book. An engineering feat!

Afterwards, they explored pond animal biodiversity by collecting samples of animals from the pond water. It was very interesting to see the different life forms that live in the pond. The students found a variety of species from freshwater shrimp to bloodworms!

From here they went on a guided walk along the Canoe trail. The scenery at the wetlands is absolutely amazing. Even though it was a very windy day, they enjoyed taking in the picturesque surrounds.

To conclude the day, all three schools came together again and the students split into their groups to report on the following:
•water quality on BHP Pond and Farm Dam
•pond animal biodiversity
•the differences between Brambles Pond and the Canoe Trail
•facilities provided by the Hunter Wetlands Centre and how they assist visitors on site

The OC represented Tighes Hill PS wonderfully. They spoke well during their presentations, and were a respectful audience to the other schools. We had a wonderful time at the Wetlands.

A huge thank you to the amazing Mrs Bowman and super Mr Gillett who accompanied the OC on this excursion in my absence.

MsArmstrong's OC Wetlands album on Photobucket