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Congratulations Debating Team!

Today our class was lucky enough to be an audience for the Equity Debating competition between Tighes Hill and Wallsend Public School. Our students did an amazing job debating the topic Antarctica Should Be Left for the Penguins. Both teams presented well researched speeches but it was Tighes Hill who were victorious in the end!

Congratulations to our debaters – Dayna, Allan, Mitch and Jorji.

Packaging and Design Competition

The OC is now moving into the prototype/mock up testing phase of the Packaging and Design competition. Students who have completed their surveys and written reports of consumer feedback have now started designing 3D mock ups using their selected materials.

The first mock up should be made out of paper card and be made in the exact measurements of what the finished product should look like as a guide to their final design. Students can then begin to create rough mock-ups of their package to be tested against 3 of the following tests in bold. Students need to collect enough materials for at least 3 tests and their final product (Enough for 4 in total)

 Students will be bringing material lists home over the next week. These materials will be needed by the end of Week 3 ready for testing throughout Week 4 and 5. The final entries will be sent for marking by the end of Week 7.

Allan and Chris making their prototype

Strength Testing:

After students have made the 1st model of their design they will conduct strength testing to prove that their packaging will be protected from damage during transportation and from any of the following that the product might need protecting from: light, different temperatures, product tampering and unwanted things getting into the product or the product contents coming out etc.

Testing could involve dropping from various heights, crushing, having items placed on top, travelling in cars, temperature and sunlight tests etc.

– Show the Judges your tests and results.

– Analyse your strength testing results.

– Discuss what it is in your design that gives

your product the strongest form of protection it


– Discuss any changes you made to your testing – discuss what you may need to change and how you could design it better!


Thank you to Miss Beker who has been working hard to help students with this challenge.

Ethan the Incredible!

Star of the Week Profile

Hi my name is Ethan and I’m in the OC at Tighes Hill. I love watching TV. Some of my favourite shows are Kids WB, Ben 10 and Generator Rex. I love eating spaghetti bolognaise. I enjoy playing soccer and all other sports. I love playing computer games such as Halo, Sonic and Guitar Hero.

Lights, Camera, Action!

It’s official – our OC students are set to become TV stars! This week we received our official invitation to participate in series 18 of the Channel 7 education program It’s Academic. Students will get the opportunity to visit Foxtel Studios in Sydney where filming will take place next term. So contestants, hands on buzzers and get ready for the show!

Bathurst Goldfields and Blue Mountains Excursion

Plans are well underway for our major excursion this year to Bathurst Goldfields and the Blue Mountains. This is a 3 day excursion taking place on Wednesday 18th September until Friday 20th September to compliment student’s study of our Gold unit. Notes were sent home today with students including information about what to bring and our itinerary. Payments can be made from tomorrow at the office.

Copies of the notes sent home are also attached below

Permission note       Medical form        What to bring        Itinerary